A Future In Reserve

The U.S. Money Reserve is a United States agency that deals with government-based investments. This role not only includes the ability to measure the return investments have, but the U.S. Money Reserve supports government-backed investments.

Let’s take a look at how all of this is possible and who the U.S. Money Reserve really is. You may be surprised to learn a great deal about the Reserve. But let’s take this slow. There are two organizations you should be aware of and for clarification. That is in order to understand the Reserve’s real function. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.builtinaustin.com/company/us-money-reserve

You have to know who the U.S. Mint is and who the U.S. Money Reserve is. As the name suggests, the Reserve is an investment based entity who oversees the United State’s bullion among other things. Bullion is a term used to highlight metals and specifically those considered as precious.

Phillip N. Diehl is the U.S. Money Reserve’s President

His greatest passion is in educating the world about how important it is to invest in government bullion. When we look at this role and its comparison to other functions of the U.S. government, a lot then becomes clear.

The U.S. Mint, unlike the U.S. Money Reserve, deals with printing money and getting an adequate tally of how much cash is in circulation. For example, the country Panama, in Central America, uses old U.S. bills for its money. Yet before any of the bills can be successfully sent to Panama, a tally must be made.

Knowing what new bills exist, where they are or if any prints are needed is what the U.S. Mint is responsible for. The agency also advises on new coins or bills, their design and quantities for circulation.

Today, the U.S. Money Reserve makes headlines as it renews its brand. It does so to better connect with people within this world of technology. With a new website at usmoneyreserve.com, the U.S. agency hopes to send a clear and more strategic message to users online. The Internet is a booming industry with no signs of failing.

So when President Phillip N. Diehl announced this new development, the potential results were very clear. Being a pioneering once with the U.S. Mint, Mr Diehl is ready to set standards his agency will benefit from. With a sleek design and integrated features, the world at large will know more about the benefits in bullion and government-back options.

Arthur Becker’s life of Investment

Arthur Becker seats at the helm of Madison Partners, LLC, as one of the managing members. This is a company that mainly focuses on real estate business in combination with Bio-Technological ventures. Arthur has enjoyed a very successful career having chaired as the CEO of two technological companies, Zinio, LLC, and NaviSite. Zinio is the world’s largest digital newsstand while NaviSite is a corporation that provided internet technology service to businesses both in the United States and in the United Kingdom.

Becker was born in 1950 in Brooklyn, New York. In his early years as a student, Becker perused an undergraduate course in ceramics and photography at Bennington College. He later went on to business school at Amos Tuck before beginning work in New England where he sold 18th-century American houses. In 1994 Arthur resumed his photographic work and went on to found Bnox, Inc where he was able to serve as the company’s Founder and President. The company mainly dealt in the production proprietary optical technology and developed products for the single use in the camera market. He also founded Advance Partners, LLC. This was a financial advisory company, and through this company, he facilitated the financing acquisition of some businesses to US based investor.

In 2001, Becker again founded Atlantic Investors with a financial partner. The company later went on to acquire three data companies including NaviSite. He steered the company towards greater success and among its triumph was the rapid expansion of cloud services. It was not until later on in his extraordinary career that Arthur began privately investing in technology companies and real estate through the Madison Partners, LLC but before that, he had held the position of the senior advisor to the Vera Wang fashion. He served in this company for seven successful years and as a result of his broad and experienced skillet the fashion company was able to experience more growth and profits.

To cap this, Arthur Becker is a person whose entrepreneurial adventures brought about the founding of many successful companies and his credited for the success stories of other companies that he had the opportunity of working there.

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The History and Success of DAMAC Properties

DAMAC, a property development company based in Dubai is now rated as one of the most successful real estate development companies in the world. Owned by the Hussain Sajwani family, DAMAC was founded in 2002, and was placed under the umbrella of the organization that was started by Sajwani in 1992.

Within the last few years, Sajwani has had the pleasure of watching his company get listed on the home market exchange in Dubai. Having a company listed on the Dubai Financial Markets is the same as having a company publicly traded on the New York State Exchange (NYSE). The London Stock Exchange, also a prestigious place to be listed, listed the company in 2013, one of the first to be listed in the Middle East.

The Damac owner, is now proud to announce that his company has been listed as an award-winning organization, all in residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties as well. Focused on releasing new developments the Dubai company has been climbing closer to their million dollar goal.

With their offices spanning across Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, and the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the company has experienced tremendous growth in the last three years. While the desert kingdom continues to focus its efforts on residential and commercial properties, DAMAC has also placed a hand in the recreational type properties and events as well.

Building luxury properties and developments is not only popular among the wealthiest developers, but those who desire to continue to build relationships like Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump. The latest developments that are focused on a luxury lifestyle include DAMAC Hills, the Trump International Golf Club Dubai, Akoya Oxygen, Aykon City, and Aykon One as well.

Today, DAMAC is currently focusing efforts on building partnerships with big name brands like Fendi, Versace Home, and many more to go along with their newer developments.

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Whitney Wolfe Brings Dating App Industry Something To Buzz About With Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is someone has become well respected in the business world. She is getting a lot of praise for a Bumble app and the vision that she has to create even more social media platforms for singles and business professionals.

Whitney Wolfe is even putting a unique spin on building friendships with her Bumble BFF app. There are so many things for the business world that Whitney Wolfe is capable of doing.

At one time she had her hands in building a nonprofit organization. There was another time where she put her energy into starting a clothing company. She has considered developing apps that were taking on the message of anti-bullying comma and there is still a possibility that she might tackle this issue. Right now she has her focus on the dating world with her Bumble app. This has been a very successful endeavor, and that is something that has caused Forbes magazine to recognize her as one of the top 30 under 30.

Whitney Wolfe has been a leader from the start. Ever since she co-founded the Tinder dating app she has been on the go and bringing forth lots of energy to the dating app industry. She has been complemented by lots of singles that were tired of seeing a new development of apps that would continue to monotony of dating apps in the same fashion as before.

Whitney Wolfe wanted to bring change to the industry, and she has done a wonderful job with this by putting forth some effort to show singles that her app is different. Whitney Wolfe is still under the age of 30, and she is well into her third company. She has made a lot of money, but money isn’t her focus. She is focused on social media dominance.

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Innovative Mobility Solutions By CTRMA

Congestion is a nightmare to many motorists. It costs them time and money that affects the economic growth of the country negatively. Many private organizations and government bodies are putting a lot of efforts in finding the key solutions to the traffic menace.

According to Crunchbase, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) tops the list. It is on the frontline in inventing solutions to traffic congestion. Mike Heiligenstein is an executive director of CTRMA. He says that they are doing everything possible and utilizing the technology to find and provide a sustainable solution of decongesting the roads.

CTRMA is an independent government body and a local agency that was created in 2002 to improve the transportation system in the Travis and Williamson counties. Its mission is to implement innovative transportation solutions that address traffic problems.

CTRMA has launched a new project called MoPac in the quest to provide mobility solutions. They plan to build MoPac Express Lanes that will institute variable tolling through the use of technology that synchronizes supply and demand and ensure predictable traffic flows.

The main agenda of CTRMA is to create mobility solutions. They have built roads such as the 183 Toll Road and US 290 Toll Road that have transformed the regions. They plan to create innovative ideas like the use of embedded fiber lines that can help to detect a car headed the wrong way at the exit ramp in the South project.

They have planned to partner with other stakeholders with similar agendas or in the technology field to provide mobility solutions. Metropia is a partner who will help with an innovation of a mobile traffic app that can integrate with the traffic monitoring system and provide real-time alternative routes to motorists and reduce traffic jam. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikeheiligenstein

Another partner is Carma. Carma is a carpooling app that will encourage motorists to share the experience of their vehicles. It can also help to encourage them to use few cars to go to a particular destination. They also plan to use bicycle and pedestrian paths and bridges that will see more people opt to walk or ride bikes in shorter distances.

This is in line with a report by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute -2015 Urban Mobility Scorecard that highlights the issues of bikes and pedestrian paths and the issue of repetitive stopping and starting of cars along busy highways that result into a major traffic jam.

They also plan to partner with Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organizations to manage minor car breakdowns that can cause congestion. CTRMA is dedicated to seeing congestion-free roads. It is ready to utilize every resource to help meet their objectives.

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist- Bruce Levenson

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC; recently filed a lawsuit against its insurance company; New Hampshire Insurance Company. The former owner of NBA franchise filed a case against the insurance company for breach of contract which involved the settlement of entitlements which were made by the previous manager Danny Ferry. The case also involves the former controlling partner Bruce Levenson but does not include the current management which is led by its manager Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler. The Basketball organization filed the lawsuit in the Superior Court of Fulton County. Atlanta Hawks Basketball claims that it was insured against employment losses.

According to the records produced by the court, Atlanta Hawks Basketball gave its insurance company which is well known as AIG notice on April 2, 2015, claiming that they have gone against their agreements which they trusted they were covered. The current management said that it is aware of the complaint and that they were not ready to comment on the issue. The court reports stated that the claims were enough for the Hampshire Insurance Company to pay Atlanta Hawks Basketball group. The court report further said that AIG refused to participate in the court case and also denied that the sports company was covered under the policy.

Bruce Levenson can well be described as an American entrepreneur who has been able to achieve a lot in his life. Among the business he successfully established is UCG and NBA Franchise; Atlanta Hawks Basketball LLC. Mr. Bruce is also a philanthropist who was born in a Jewish family and grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. After he had completed his High school studies, he attended Washington University in St. Louis and American University where he graduated with a degree in Law. Levenson began his career as a journalist working at Washington Star and later co-established United Communications Group. Bruce Levenson is not only a business person, but he also participates in community activities including Hoop Dreams Foundations and Community Foundation of Washington D.C.

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