5 Décor Ideas that Make a Home Kid Friendly

Home decorations become so much more challenging when you have kids. You have to take care of every single aspect – from the furniture to creating dedicated play space. However, these following décor ideas will help to make spending time at home with kids easier, and thereby to keep family harmony.

Move the play zone in the dining room. 

Creating a separate play area or keeping all the books and toys of your kids in their room can be a storage problem. So, the best solution is using the rarely used dining room to keep their books, drawing paper, color pencils, and toys. Use the bookcases instead of cubbies to hold these things and keep your little ones stick it out a bit longer at the dinner table.

Many people think of transforming a corner of the living room as a kid zone. However, it’s a wrong idea as children are going to mess up the place, which is the first room where your guests will walk into. It’s better to keep the chaos out of sight. In addition, it will also make cleanup time quicker and easier between mealtimes.

Save the walls with wainscoting.

 Use beadboard wainscoting or other types of wall paneling to protect the walls and add decorating details to the interiors as it’s normal for kids to make a room messy and ruin the walls with crayons and color pencils no matter how many times you tell them not to.

In can also try installing kid-height chalk walls to create scribble space for them. Cleaning them up will be a breeze as you just need a cloth or duster. Besides, when your little ones use the space for their drawings, you can hang your own artwork and paintings above the rail. A win-win for everyone! 

Settle on adjustable stools. 

With these tools, one size fits all types of homes and everyone in the family, because you can easily change their heights from shorter to taller. You don’t have to buy separate stools for the little ones because they can twist the adjustable ones to lower the seat to sit at the right height. Furthermore, most of these products available in the market are sleek and trendy. So, they will look good whether you put them at the breakfast bar, kitchen counter, or workstation. Furthermore, your kids can use them at their desk or craft table. 

Create a play zone. 

Children can play outside, but it becomes a problem to contain their energy on rainy days or snowy afternoons. Dedicate a particular area for them to play when they can’t go out because of bad weather. Even a cleared-out hallway or a side of a room will be enough for racing matchbox cars or riding a scooter.

If space is a problem, take over an existing cupboard or closet and create a secret play space. There’s no kid in the world that does not love to play in a hidden nook. The empty space beside a staircase will also be perfect. Give the place major drama with a colorful tepee, small foamy accessories, and an oversized floor lamp. Your children will love to spend time there with their Lego set or art project. 

Find a place for displaying art projects. 

Your kid’s artwork never stops coming home. Whether it’s a school project or the result of an evening’s creative drive, it does not take long to feel swamped by the number of their drawings and paintings. So, designate a space to hang those pictures they don’t want to toss away. You can also encourage them to turn the older ones into gift wrap, thank-you cards, and bookmarks when you need to clear the space for new work.

Decorating your house for the kids is important because it makes the rooms safe for them. Besides, kid-friendly furniture and other decorations allow your little ones to enjoy their time for playing and doing homework.

Making Regular Adjustments and Adding New Stores With Roberto Santiago’s Mall

It is common for people to have a favorite mall. Often times, it is a little different form the local mall. For instance, one of the common factors in the favorite mall is the size of the mall as well as the type of activities it has to offer. However, there is always room for new stores being added. One thing that can help when it comes to malls is the type of stores that are being added. For instance, one thing that a mall can do to keep up with the other malls is add events and different types of facilities for the sake of diversity.


Manaira Shopping, the mall developed by Roberto Santiago is good for having these types of facilities. This mall has everything that is expected to be found in a mall and even some of the stuff that is not expected in a mall. Among the features of Manaira Shopping is schooling, banks, clothing stores, larger food courts, entertainment facilities, and other facilities. One area that is worth checking out is the movie theater of Manaira Shopping. They have a lot of features that are going to keep audiences coming back.


One thing that can be said about movie theaters is that they are adding something premium to the experience. In many cases, it is adding a very large screen to the facility. Many movie theaters are increasing the size of one of their screens and even adding recliner seats to a room. However, each of the movie auditoriums at Manaira Shopping has recliner streets. They also have waiters that are willing to help with the meals so that people will be able to enjoy some really good meals in the movie theater.


Manaira Shopping is committed to providing the best type of experience for people. Roberto Santiago thinks about the best possible experience a mall can offer and then does everything he can to move it beyond the idea. His goal is to bring about something that just can’t be replicated. He is also someone who wants to express himself through his large establishment.