Vijay Eswaran Is Interested In Seeing More Women Leaders In Business

Vijay Eswaran has always been one to shakeup the status quo in the Asian job market, something that began when he founded his company, QI Group Ltd. Right now he’s part of various business leader coalitions advocating to see more diversity in entrepreneurship and corporate leadership. One group Eswaran is embracing is female executives, and at the World Economic Forum’s summit on cultural diversity, he spoke on the value of contributions made by female entrepreneurs in India. Eswaran has had a lot to say about diverse workforce makeup at various lectures he’s given.

Vijay Eswaran is both a business founder and author. He was raised in Malaysia though his family is Indian in background, and he traveled all the way to the UK where he got a degree in socioeconomics at the famous London School of Economics. Years after completing his bachelor’s degree, he started exploring the direct selling industry and began making money through it. Eswaran decided he should introduce it back in the Asian Pacific markets, and in 1998 the opportunity presented itself when he met up with a team of entrepreneurs. He began his own brand of health and wellness products and added to it. The parent company he launched became known as QI Group and the product line and independent representative program was brought through QNet.

Eswaran added to the QNet holdings by also establishing a luxury lifestyle package company, a business financing and investment firm known as QI Asset Management, and also one of Malaysia’s top schools QI University. As an author, his books have not been as much about business building as much as a look into his spiritual beliefs and practices, and how he feels they have guided him. One of his first popular books written was a 2005 top seller titled “In the Sphere Of Silence.” He also penned another more recent bestseller known as “Two Minutes From the Abyss.” Eswaran learned a lot about philanthropy and generosity from his father, and one charity that Eswaran started was named after him known as the Vijayratnam Foundation. The work Eswaran does through charity earned him a high honor in Forbes Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy.

Sujit Choudhry gives professional advice to Catalonia and Spanish Government

Following the crisis facing Catalan and Spanish governments, Sujit Choudhry and other extinguished constitutional law scholars have decided to mediate the two groups. Sujit Choudhry has sent a letter to the two governments requesting them to have an open dialogue and act in good faith to solve their constitutional issues. The latter was sent to the former Catalonian president Puigdemont and to the Spanish Prime minister Rajoy urging them to consider the interests of both governments citizens.

Since 1st October 2017, Spain government applied force to the Catalonian people to keep them from holding a referendum and as a result there was a lot of tension. Most Catalonian people were arrested and prosecuted for being patriots by the Spain government under the rule of Mr. Rajoy, get info on ( The dispute began when the Spanish senate disbanded the Catalonian parliament leaving them under the rule of Spanish government. Spain charged the former Catalonian president together with pro- independence backers with misuse of public funds and rebellion charges. After an arrest warrant was issued by European Union Puigdemont was lucky enough to escape Belgium though his fellow politicians are still waiting for their trials to begin, learn more info on

According to the law scholars, a president should demonstrate his dedication to his people by organizing a referendum so as to involve the citizens in decision making. Sujit Choudhry has advised the Catalonian president Puigdemont to show his commitment to rule the country by holding a referendum to collect public views, look more info on ( They also recommended the Prime Minister Rajoy of Spain to acknowledge the fact that the Catalonian people are ready to secede hence should not do anything to go against their peaceful desire for independence.

Sujit Choudhry and other law scholars urge the Catalonian people to come into terms with the new constitutional solution so that their government can formulate a conclusion through a democratic, fair and accurate means.

Sujit Choudhry states that is of great significant for the Catalonian and Spain government to come to a peaceful understanding since if they don’t the foundational ideals with the European Union might be in vain and undermined, see

Achievements of Flavio Maluf in Eucatex Firm

Flavio Maluf is the son of Paulo Maluf, born in December 2nd, 1961. He studied mechanical engineer from Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation. He had a great interest in the business; therefore, he shifted to New York University to study business administration as full-time classes. Flavio Maluf is a well-known entrepreneur in Brazil, and also he is the CEO and president of the Eucatex group and president ofGrandfood which is the source to Premier Pet and Golden feeds. Before joining Eucatex Flavio worked for many companies such as Citicorp from where he gained required experience. Follow Flavio Maluf on Twitter.

Eucatex is a company supplying building materials including laminated and vinyl floors, skirting boards, paints, partitions, doors, and panels. The company also makes attractive and beautiful furniture and toys. The company uses eucalyptus wood from a particular tree found in Brazil. Laminated flooring made of eucalyptus are designed to produce a variety of styles including Classic, Elegance, Rustic and Prime.

Eucatex products are marketed commercially and internationally throughout the world. Their products are used to express economic class due to the value they weigh. These products and the production process followed while making them is environmentally friendly. Eucatex was the first one to incorporate recycling plant within the manufacturing system making use of leftovers to produce energy. Eucatex adapted a slogan of going green as a priority even before it was made a law in Brazil.

Flavio working as the president made Eucatex to ripe good result as he made the company to be a multimillion-dollar business through the use of advanced technology in producing high-quality products. The company has also diversified into other countries market making entry into Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, and the United Kingdom marketing their products. Flavio Maluf has recognizable deeds in philanthropic events through the provision of resources to Salto County and Sao Paulo.

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