JD.com, CEO, Liu Qiangdong, Building A Cyber-Success Story Out Of Social Problem Solving Ability, Superlative Customer Service Skills And Technical Know-How

Start-up success tales don’t often begin with a Sociology degree. Yet, fertile entrepreneurial soil isn’t necessarily the result of one’s initial education. Liu Quiangdong, the CEO of a huge Chinese cyber-business, leveraged his modest degree in understanding social problems by partnering it with augmented independent computer studies to first join “Japan Life,” an herbal health supplement business, and from there earn a directorship in the company.

By grasping opportunity after opportunity, Liu Qiangdong was in the sweet spot to go solo. Armed with social problem-solving capability and skill in the service sector, Liu Quiangdong was a natural to open a tech-specific retail store, honing it into a successful model for a chain. The leap to an e-business came when Qiangdong saw how an epidemic, like SARS, made residents uneasy about shopping abroad. Qiangdong realized he could make customer-centered shopping from home easy and affordable and JD.com was born.

Rocketship Public Schools Earns Top Rating for D.C. Schools

Rocketship Public Schools has recently earned a record high score for an elementary public school. It was awarded as among the top quality public schools on the DC Public Charter School Board Quality Report for 2018. The Performance Management Framework is the rating system for public schools in the D.C. area. One of the Rocketship public schools known as Rocketship public schools Legacy Prep earned a score of 94% which is the highest score ever given to a school serving the Pre K through eighth grade student population. As a result, Legacy Prep is the top public school in the area for the Tier 1 category.

Each year the DC Public Charter School Board gives an annual Quality Report. This report is used to measure the performance of charter public schools. The rating is given a range between 1 and 100 and is based on a number of categories. These categories include student progress, student achievement, parental satisfaction and attendance. During the 2017-18 school year, 73% of the students were classified as at risk students along with 22% being homeless. With the recent results of Rocketship public schools, it has been proven that all students are capable of reaching high levels of achievement. All of the students at the school grew 1.7 years in math and 1.4 years in reading during the school year. This has demonstrated that the students are progressing at a high level in their education.

Parents are now quite aware the there is a lot of promise for students who attend this school. Legacy Prep has seen a high growth in student population during the most recent school year. Today, Legacy Prep and Rocketship Public Schools now serve over 450 students at the new Ward 7 campus. A number of parents have been quite impressed with the school which has led to the high level of attendance. The school provides kids an opportunity to build on the past and look forward to a future that is promising according to one parent. Due to the promise that Rocketship public schools provide for all types of kids, it was named Legacy Prep.

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How to Choose a Shampoo & Conditioner

When it’s time to buy shampoo and conditioner, the array of choices can make it hard to choose the right one for your needs. Each product promises to provide great results for the user, but some are all talk and no action. Don’t fret the decision and don’t choose hair care products because you’ve heard their name mentioned before. Take the time to browse Wikipedia to learn the right products for your hair care needs and you, too, can have great hair like you see on the models in the magazines.

When a company has earned a great name, it is a brand that you can trust to deliver results. But, you need to find a shampoo that is designed for your hair texture and hair type to get results. Don’t base the worthiness of a product based on its price alone. Some of the cheaper products probably won’t provide results, but otherwise, the price is never an indication of how well a product works.

WEN is a product line that makes hair care simple. You’ll find shampoos and conditioners made for every hair type offered from the brand. They also carry a number of other hair care products that can accentuate your hair and keep it healthy, sleek, and shiny. Oils, serums, hair spray, mouse, and tons of other items are available from Wenhaircare.com.

Women choose the Wen by Chaz hair care line because they know it’s going to provide results. Chaz Dean created the hair care line 18 years ago and thousands of satisfied customers attempt to how wonderful their hair looks and feels after they start using the products. With a broad line of items available, Wen by Chaz has products suitable to your needs. Visit the wen.com website for more information.

You can also get Wen here: https://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care

Paul Mampilly Reveals Changes In Wall Street With Improvement In AI

The creator of the Banyan Hill Publishing newsletter, Profits Unlimited, was recently featured on the Inspirey website in an article titled, “Paul Mampilly—Senior Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing.”

The article reveals how the Wall Street investor transitioned from managing the hedge funds for billion-dollar companies like Kinetics Asset Management to writing newsletters for average investors. Paul Mampilly enjoys teaching the main street Americans the power of investing in his newsletter, Profits Unlimited. The newsletter has reached more than 90,000 subscribers since its creation in 2016.

In the newsletter, Paul Mampilly provides his advice in an 8-page newsletter each month where he describes the opportunities and a model portfolio. He provides several different stocks he recommends to his readers and why they are a great investment. However, he also offers newsletters for the more advanced investors and those who are willing to take more risk in their investments. Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum are geared towards investors who want to make a large profit and are willing to take more risk to attain it.

Paul Mampilly reveals that he is an authority in the investment world because he has a proven track record for helping people invest themselves. He has helped people for seven years after a long track record making money for large hedge funds on Wall Street. He has also been in several different roles in his years on Wall Street. He has been an analyst, manager of money, and even managing a trading desk. This experience has allowed him to bring the internal understanding of Wall Street’s happenings to the day to day investor.

Paul Mampilly has also become well-known for his willingness to go the extra mile for his readers. He still works 12 to 14 hours each day to stay on top of the latest investment strategies and trends. Most of the time is spent researching and tracking the stocks. He also keeps an eye on companies to see if they are worth investing in.

Mampilly reveals that some large changes have been happening on Wall Street since the introduction of the computer to the trading industry. Trading with computers and the improvements in artificial intelligence has allowed people to change how they look at investing.

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Malcolm CasSelle and His Tech Investment Endeavors

Malcolm CasSelle is a renowned tech entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles. He is known for his position in OPSkins as CIO and WORLDWIDE Asset eXchange (WAX). Mr. CasSelle has a strong interest in the emerging sector; cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin technology has found applications in many areas and WAX has taken advantage of the emerging market to online gaming experience.

Cryptocurrencies have become so common that tech investors are looking for ways to use the underlying technology to bring about efficiencies and transparency especially in the financial sector. Malcolm CasSelle is at the forefront of efforts to utilize blockchain technology to enable people exchange items or transact securely.

Both OPSkins and WAX’s operations are centered on giving online gamers great gaming experience and services. Courtesy of WAX, online gamers can buy and sell skins and other gaming items securely and conveniently. The blockchain technology is opening up opportunities in the online gaming industry. there is still more to be done in regards increasing transaction speeds as well as transparency in not only the online gaming industry, but also many other industries.

Malcolm CasSelle has built a successful career on the tech niche helping companies grow and starting tech companies. Prior to OPSkins and WAX, he served as President and CTO at tronc, Inc. He also served as Senior Vice President as well as General Manager Media at SeaChange after it acquired Timeline Labs, his company that provided solutions to companies to discover, display ad measure engaging content.

Mr. CasSelle has played a major role in many companies to advance technology and solve tech problems people are facing in the today world. MediaPass is one of the startups Malcolm CasSelle has worked at. He also worked at Xfire. Mr. CasSelle’s entrepreneurial spirit and smart strategies informed his brilliant decision to invest early in titan companies such as Facebook and Zynga. He also co-founded PCCW, a company that grew to have a valuation of $35 billion. He is one of the individuals who introduced cryptocurrencies to the online gaming industry.

Malcolm CasSelle co-founded NetNoir in 1994 and spent 3 years in the company serving as COO and CTO. He has worked in other several companies including Morph’s Outpost, Inc serving as a Reality Developer, Original Quinton serving as director and GlobalCast Networks serving as director.

Why Victoria Doramus is a Successful Executive

Victoria Doramus knows what it takes to survive in the tough world. The businesswoman, who has undertaken numerous roles in the society, has dealt with some of the worst things any person can have. Despite what she came across, the business executive, who has lived in the United States most of her life, has managed to conquer, emerging as one of the most successful in the corporate department. When Victoria Doramus is asked what she does for a living, she will have many answers to give. The executive has undertaken various roles in her life, and she has made sure that she acquired only the best.

Doramus has extensive knowledge in market trends. As an analyst who understands the international markets and most of the consumer retail trends, Victoria Doramus has worked with prominent companies in the American society. The businesswoman has also been in the media department where she had the chance to showcase her skills in creativity. In the past, the career woman served as a producer and assistant film director where she also performed well. With so much successful, many people might think that Victoria Doramus had so many parties to attend and many occasions to celebrate her achievements. This was never the case. The impressive career executive was addicted to alcohol and drugs, and it was very difficult to abandon them so that she can become a better person. For her, it was a struggle that needed more than rehabilitation. The process proved to be very long and at the same time difficult. At the end of it all, Victoria realized how strong she can be.

Today, Victoria Doramus is enjoying life after her nightmare. She is now one of the celebrated recovery experts in the United States. Whenever she has the chance, the career woman helps those who are in need, including pets. Her struggle in career and personal life taught her that everything and everyone needs help to survive the tough times. The businesswoman has also gone a step further to publish papers about different subjects with the primary focus of helping students who are in the university.

Hussain Sajwani Pushes the Future of the Middle East

The middle east region has been the focus of massive real estate growth in the last several years. Hussain Sajwani has been one of the individuals driving the growth in the region to the 21st century. As someone who grew up in the region, he is completely familiar with its unique characteristics and what the people want. He was influenced by his entrepreneur father. In a recent blog post on his website, he discuses his reasoning behind driving the regional changes.

It all began with Hussain Sajwani’s background. He was heavily inspired by his father’s business of selling imported merchandise from China. The first major step for his dream was studying abroad at University of Washington. He was one of the first students to participate in the program. By 1981, his solo career was well underway. He began by working in the gas business, then moving into catering. At each point he learned important for the next step in his life. In 2002, his present venture with as DAMAC owner began in full force.

As DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani has witnessed the shifts of the market firsthand and is always working hard to stay ahead of the curve. He describes how its the people who chart the course of the world into the future. Business leaders and politicians work hand-in-hand in affecting the lives of everyday individuals. However, technology advancements have basically solidified a global effect in even the smallest decision. The middle east region is home to many of the earth’s natural resources, and thus its no surprise that its become the center of growth in the region. Hussain Sajwani describes how almost nothing stopping the region from developing into a first world powerhouse.

In the modern economic climate, having natural assets is a strong appeal to investors. DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani saw the limitless potential of the region, and began developing a real estate empire. Change is caused by human hands, but at the same times, its humans who can drive that change into a better tomorrow for the people.

The Philanthropic Nature of Jeremy Goldstein



If you have the means, take time to give back to those less fortunate. This is what Jeremy Goldstein and his two friends, Jim Finkel and Omar Khan, did back in May. These gentlemen hosted a charity event that included fine wine dining. Participants offered their contribution by buying the meals and wine. The money was used to support Fountain House. Follow Goldstein on Twitter


What is Fountain House


It is a non profit organization focused on helping men and women with mental issues. It was started in 1944 by six friends that had been through the same mental health challenges. The saw it as a platform to support the mentally challenged since such help was not easy to come by in those days. Even today, mental illness is still a huge problem, with more than 450 million people affected by it globally.


The Man Behind the Event


Jeremy Goldstein is an accomplished corporate attorney based in New York city. His law firm is dedicated to advising corporate clients on compensation issues and governance. Among his many specialties, Jeremy Goldstein advises clients on the importance of transformative corporate events.


In fact, the wine dinner event for Fountain House is an example of a transformative corporate event because it aims to transform the society in a positive way. Jeremy Goldstein is also a mergers and acquisition specialist. over the years, he has been involved in high profile take overs. For example, he facilitated Goodrich’s take over by United Technologies.


Why Fountain House deserves the Support


Interestingly, Fountain House has been rather successful in helping those with mental issues. The organization has been able to achieve an employment rate of 42%. It means that almost half of its members have gainful employment. Additionally, the school-completion rate of those supported by Fountain House stands at 77%. It means that the organization has few drop outs. In addition, only 10% of Fountain House members go back to the hospital for additional check up. They receive quality health care.




Jeremy Goldstein’s wine dinner to support Fountain House is a good example of giving back to society. It’s always good to give back to those less fortunate. If you cannot do so yourself, you should support an organization that does that.

Learn more: https://www.slideshare.net/JeremyGoldstein14/

How Well Do You Know Randal Nardone?

Apart from being the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Group, Randal Nardone is also amongst the three like-minded individuals who came up with the idea of founding Fortress Group. Since its inception 20 years ago, Fortress Group has witnessed tremendous growth and prominence in and out of the United States.

Fortress Investment Group is the main objective during its inception was to provide equity and hedge funds to middle-level businesses. Currently, Fortress Investment Group has specialized in asset investment, operations management, mergers and acquisitions, and capital markets.

Randal Nardone understands the importance of teamwork. He has ensured that Fortress Investment Group which was the first privately owned firm to be listed in the New York Stocks Exchange stays relevant in the industry. He has made this come true by sourcing experts and specialist that understands capital markets and market trends.

More about of Randal Nardone at newresi.com

Leading teams that handle diverse activities have never been a walk in the park for Randal Nardone. All thanks to his extensive experience coupled with a strong academic background. Nardone holds a J.D from Boston University Law School as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and English from the University of Connecticut.

To remain relevant and be sustainable in the competitive industry, Randal Nardone has employed the customer first strategy. Apart from being the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group, He holds advisory and board roles in several firms. He serves as a director at Springleaf Holdings and Brookdale. He is also the member of the board at the Residential Investment Group and more.

Before he became CEO of Fortress Group, Randal Nardone had served in various capacities in different firms. Firstly, he worked for RIC Investment Fund as the Chief Operating Officer in charge of the investment portfolio.

Secondly, Randal served as the acting Chief Executive Officer ranging from 2011-2013 at Fortress Investment Group LLC. Thirdly, he worked as a secretary of Newcastle Holdings from 2002-2016. Lastly, he worked as a principal and managing director of UBS between 1997-8.

With such an ambitious and passionate at the helm of its management hierarchy, Fortress Investment Group is headed towards crushing the odds.

Learn more: https://patch.com/new-york/new-york-city/force-innovation-two-decades-fortress-investment-group

Rebel Wilson in Upcoming Romantic Comedy Series Isn’t it Romantic

2019 is already pacing up to be a wonderful year for the theaters. With new releases back and forth, movie lovers can’t just wait to catch a glimpse of what awaits them. If you a die-hard of Rebel Wilson, well there is so much in store for you this upcoming year.

It is now official! Rebel Wilson will be co-starring in the upcoming American fantasy comedy film, Isn’t it Romantic. The film is directed by award-winning director Todd Strauss-Schulson. The script was written by Erin Cardillo, Katie Silberman, and Dana Fox.

The film also has a beehive of celebrities and guest starts apart from Rebel Wilson. The cast includes Liam Hemsworth, Priyanka Chopra, Adam DeVine, Betty Gilpin, Tom Ellis, Brandon Scott, and Jennifer Saunders.

Based on their roles, Rebel Wilson will play the part of Natalie, an architect from New York. Liam Hemsworth will be Blake, a client and a love interest in the life of Natalie. Adam DeVine will play Josh, Natalie’s ally whom h has a crush on.

The part of Priyanka Chopra will be played by Isabella who is a yoga ambassador. Betty Gilpin will take Whitney who is Natalie’s best friend and assistant. Brandon Scott will take the role of Donny who is the neighbor to Natalie. Tom Ellis will play doctor and Jenifer Saunders the mother to Natalie. Read more: Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book and Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical

The storyline would revolve around Natalie (Rebel Wilson) who is an Australian architect living the American Dream in New York. She is a non-believer in romantic comedies as she taunts them as fantasies. She, unfortunately, runs into a mugger who knocks her down. When she wakes up, she finds out that she is trapped inside her worst nightmare. She must, therefore, escape the common clichés for her to find love and finally to get back to reality.

Rebel Wilson gave thrilled fans an up-close and personal look to the upcoming movie while on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The romantic comedy is set to hit theatres on February 14, next year by the Warner Bros Pictures. This movie coincides with the Valentines Days as love is also set to be in the air.

Rebel Wilson is an Australian thespian who doubles up as a writer and producer born March 2, 1980.Her first stint came after she graduated from the Australian Theatre for Young People back in 2003. She would later on land a gig where she played Toula on the comedy series dubbed Pizza on SBS and The Wedge on Sketch comedy series.

Among her accomplishment include the musical series Bogan Pride which she starred, produced and wrote. She later took home the best actress award at Tropfest for her role in Bargain. She also made a guest appearance in City Homicide. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: https://www.wmagazine.com/story/rebel-wilson-givenchy-couture and https://www.today.com/style/pitch-perfect-star-rebel-wilson-talks-clothing-line-hair-secrets-

She has starred in a fair share of good movies such as What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Struck by Lightning and A Few Best Men. She also played Becky in the Bachelorette. But the world came to know her through the musical comedy movie series Pitch Perfect film with her role as Fat Amy.