The History and Success of DAMAC Properties

DAMAC, a property development company based in Dubai is now rated as one of the most successful real estate development companies in the world. Owned by the Hussain Sajwani family, DAMAC was founded in 2002, and was placed under the umbrella of the organization that was started by Sajwani in 1992.

Within the last few years, Sajwani has had the pleasure of watching his company get listed on the home market exchange in Dubai. Having a company listed on the Dubai Financial Markets is the same as having a company publicly traded on the New York State Exchange (NYSE). The London Stock Exchange, also a prestigious place to be listed, listed the company in 2013, one of the first to be listed in the Middle East.

The Damac owner, is now proud to announce that his company has been listed as an award-winning organization, all in residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties as well. Focused on releasing new developments the Dubai company has been climbing closer to their million dollar goal.

With their offices spanning across Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, and the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the company has experienced tremendous growth in the last three years. While the desert kingdom continues to focus its efforts on residential and commercial properties, DAMAC has also placed a hand in the recreational type properties and events as well.

Building luxury properties and developments is not only popular among the wealthiest developers, but those who desire to continue to build relationships like Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump. The latest developments that are focused on a luxury lifestyle include DAMAC Hills, the Trump International Golf Club Dubai, Akoya Oxygen, Aykon City, and Aykon One as well.

Today, DAMAC is currently focusing efforts on building partnerships with big name brands like Fendi, Versace Home, and many more to go along with their newer developments.

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Whitney Wolfe Brings Dating App Industry Something To Buzz About With Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is someone has become well respected in the business world. She is getting a lot of praise for a Bumble app and the vision that she has to create even more social media platforms for singles and business professionals.

Whitney Wolfe is even putting a unique spin on building friendships with her Bumble BFF app. There are so many things for the business world that Whitney Wolfe is capable of doing.

At one time she had her hands in building a nonprofit organization. There was another time where she put her energy into starting a clothing company. She has considered developing apps that were taking on the message of anti-bullying comma and there is still a possibility that she might tackle this issue. Right now she has her focus on the dating world with her Bumble app. This has been a very successful endeavor, and that is something that has caused Forbes magazine to recognize her as one of the top 30 under 30.

Whitney Wolfe has been a leader from the start. Ever since she co-founded the Tinder dating app she has been on the go and bringing forth lots of energy to the dating app industry. She has been complemented by lots of singles that were tired of seeing a new development of apps that would continue to monotony of dating apps in the same fashion as before.

Whitney Wolfe wanted to bring change to the industry, and she has done a wonderful job with this by putting forth some effort to show singles that her app is different. Whitney Wolfe is still under the age of 30, and she is well into her third company. She has made a lot of money, but money isn’t her focus. She is focused on social media dominance.

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Innovative Mobility Solutions By CTRMA

Congestion is a nightmare to many motorists. It costs them time and money that affects the economic growth of the country negatively. Many private organizations and government bodies are putting a lot of efforts in finding the key solutions to the traffic menace.

According to Crunchbase, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) tops the list. It is on the frontline in inventing solutions to traffic congestion. Mike Heiligenstein is an executive director of CTRMA. He says that they are doing everything possible and utilizing the technology to find and provide a sustainable solution of decongesting the roads.

CTRMA is an independent government body and a local agency that was created in 2002 to improve the transportation system in the Travis and Williamson counties. Its mission is to implement innovative transportation solutions that address traffic problems.

CTRMA has launched a new project called MoPac in the quest to provide mobility solutions. They plan to build MoPac Express Lanes that will institute variable tolling through the use of technology that synchronizes supply and demand and ensure predictable traffic flows.

The main agenda of CTRMA is to create mobility solutions. They have built roads such as the 183 Toll Road and US 290 Toll Road that have transformed the regions. They plan to create innovative ideas like the use of embedded fiber lines that can help to detect a car headed the wrong way at the exit ramp in the South project.

They have planned to partner with other stakeholders with similar agendas or in the technology field to provide mobility solutions. Metropia is a partner who will help with an innovation of a mobile traffic app that can integrate with the traffic monitoring system and provide real-time alternative routes to motorists and reduce traffic jam. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

Another partner is Carma. Carma is a carpooling app that will encourage motorists to share the experience of their vehicles. It can also help to encourage them to use few cars to go to a particular destination. They also plan to use bicycle and pedestrian paths and bridges that will see more people opt to walk or ride bikes in shorter distances.

This is in line with a report by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute -2015 Urban Mobility Scorecard that highlights the issues of bikes and pedestrian paths and the issue of repetitive stopping and starting of cars along busy highways that result into a major traffic jam.

They also plan to partner with Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organizations to manage minor car breakdowns that can cause congestion. CTRMA is dedicated to seeing congestion-free roads. It is ready to utilize every resource to help meet their objectives.

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist- Bruce Levenson

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC; recently filed a lawsuit against its insurance company; New Hampshire Insurance Company. The former owner of NBA franchise filed a case against the insurance company for breach of contract which involved the settlement of entitlements which were made by the previous manager Danny Ferry. The case also involves the former controlling partner Bruce Levenson but does not include the current management which is led by its manager Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler. The Basketball organization filed the lawsuit in the Superior Court of Fulton County. Atlanta Hawks Basketball claims that it was insured against employment losses.

According to the records produced by the court, Atlanta Hawks Basketball gave its insurance company which is well known as AIG notice on April 2, 2015, claiming that they have gone against their agreements which they trusted they were covered. The current management said that it is aware of the complaint and that they were not ready to comment on the issue. The court reports stated that the claims were enough for the Hampshire Insurance Company to pay Atlanta Hawks Basketball group. The court report further said that AIG refused to participate in the court case and also denied that the sports company was covered under the policy.

Bruce Levenson can well be described as an American entrepreneur who has been able to achieve a lot in his life. Among the business he successfully established is UCG and NBA Franchise; Atlanta Hawks Basketball LLC. Mr. Bruce is also a philanthropist who was born in a Jewish family and grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. After he had completed his High school studies, he attended Washington University in St. Louis and American University where he graduated with a degree in Law. Levenson began his career as a journalist working at Washington Star and later co-established United Communications Group. Bruce Levenson is not only a business person, but he also participates in community activities including Hoop Dreams Foundations and Community Foundation of Washington D.C.

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Catching a Criminal in a Cold Case using Securus Technologies

My job involves working a number of local cold cases. One case in particular really got under my skin because the suspect in question was still on the run and had been recently sighted in town thumbing his nose to authorities. I had information that this suspect was hiding in Mexico and would make a trip each month to Arizona to see his family and grab some cash so he could live for the month in his hideout.


Although I rely on my skills and the help of informants, this cold case had me especially frustrated because this suspect was actually posting online after he left Arizona that we missed him again. Despite knowing he was coming back to Arizona each month, we never were in place at the right time to bring him in.


On my last visit to the jail, a fellow officer told me that Securus Technologies had recently installed a communication system and the software may be of use to me in my pursuit of these fugitives. I quickly immersed myself in the LBS software, and was excited to really give it a try. Having just been informed this fugitive had left for Mexico again, I knew I had a month before he returned to Arizona.


By monitoring the software and keeping a close watch on the calls to his family, one day the covert alert feature let us know the day had come and he was already on the way. We had our team in position the day we got the alert and thanks to Securus Technologies, we were able to bring in a suspect on a 5 year cold case.


He was eventually brought to trial and found guilty. We use this software all the time now to make our little town safer for all the residents.


Top Three Netflix Anime


Netflix has a variety of Anime available to watch. To help you with your viewing options, here is the top three anime on Netflix.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: “The Elric brothers seek the Philosopher’s Stone to restore them to their original bodies.” This Anime is a series adapted from a Japanese Manga, (think graphic novel or comic) written by Hiromu Arakawa. TV series aired in 2009 and was written by Hiroshi Ōnogi and later was released as a film in 2010, coming to the US in 2012. Netflix rating is 4.4/5 stars.

Death Note: “Light Yagami, with the help of the death god, Ryuk, begins to rid the world of shady characters. Will Light’s actions go unchallenged?”A high school student in Japan discovers a notebook with the power to kill anyone whose name is written within. This 2006 Anime since airing its 37 episodes has been made into a full length movie. The anime is based on a Japanese Manga by the same author and has garnered quite a following. Netflix rating is 4.4/5 stars.

Hunter X Hunter: “Gon Freeccs leaves school after he finds out that his father is still alive and searching for hidden treasures, to become a hunter in his own right and to find his dad.” a Japanese Manga that started in a journal in 1998, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. In 1999 Hunter X Hunter was a sword anime adapted into a 62 episode anime series. Netflix rating is 4.5/5 stars.


Investment Advisers Need to Inform Their Clients About Social Security

In an interview with WJS, David Giertz, the President of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution, expressed his concern over the number of investment advisers who are not counseling their clients on the best way to invest in their own retirement.

David Giertz states that it is impossible for investors to understand the ins and outs of investing in their own retirement. This is because the number of rules and regulations, as well as who they pertain to, can be impossible for the average person to navigate.

He also expresses concerns about investment advisors allowing their clients to trigger social security too early, which could result in the loss of more than $300,000 in a 25-year time span, which is a tragic loss on Ensuring that clients are financially sound, and make financially sound investments is part of the investment adviser job title.

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Who is David Giertz
David Giertz is a Senior Investment Adviser for Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales at Nation Wide Life Insurance Company. He is also the Senior Vice President for the company on Instagram. Giertz is an accomplished investor who has made a name for himself since 2014. His career really skyrocketed in 2013 when he became the Senior Vice President for Nationwide Financial Distribution.

Giertz’s Linkedin Profile offers great insight into his career, and the success that he has reached. He has more than 30 years of experience in the financial sector, and is extremely adept in financial sales and distribution. His career accomplishments show how successful he has been in helping clients develop their social security investments and retirement plan.

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Samuel Strauch: Heading A Successful Real Estate Company in Miami

Samuel Strauch serves as the Principal at Matrix Real Estate and has been in the business for an extremely extended period of time. With his exceptional leadership skills and eye for a good business, Samuel Strauch has been able to take Metrik Real Estate forward as a company worthy of praise. Matrix Real Estate has grown since its humble beginnings and has now become an extremely well-known company in the field of real estate. Being in the field of real estate for as long as he has, Samuel Strauch has picked up a few things along the way which have helped him efficiently lead the company. Samuel Strauch particularly conducts his operations in and around Miami and has been part of numerous projects which have begun construction under his business name. He has handled projects in areas like Sunny Isles Beach and Hollywood in Miami and has been a huge success in selling properties there to numerous high profile clients.

Real estate is Miami is a fast growing sector with multiple people looking to invest in the field because of the large scope it provides. Miami is soon becoming the go-to place when it comes to investing into properties because of the numerous luxuries the city offers. People want to invest in properties which are of an extremely high value in a good surrounding area, making this the prime investment location for people like Samuel Strauch.

Samuel Strauch started out in the world of real estate with his smaller company Affinity Realty, which he then renamed to Metrik Real Estate. Samuel is an alumnus of the prestigious Harvard University, with a degree in business administration. Samuel Strauch is ranked as one of the top real estate agents in the Miami area and has received tremendous recognition from numerous agencies through the span of his career.

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Lori Senecal’s Career Journey.

Lori Senecal is the current CEO of the CP+B, which is a very famous advertising agency. She is trusted in overseeing the expansion and global growth of the firm, management of the nine international offices of the company, and management of the agency’s growth internationally. She joined the agency in the year 2015. She became of great help to the firm, and has made a great impact on sectors like CP+B’s culture and also in the business community. Her great efforts have made the agency to be global and modern. The company has become very inventive, collaborative, and agile. The agency’s growth and development across the geographies ( and disciplines is due to Lori’s leadership and also her great focus in talents. In 2015 in a report by, she joined a list of highest paid executives by taking home $1,883,628 as total compensation. $1,000,000 was the annual salary, $750,000 was the bonus, and $133,628 was recorded as other forms of payment. Lori’s leadership has also led to the recognition of the CP+B to be among the “creativity innovators of the year, “and she was also chosen by Ad Week to be among the four executives to watch in 2016.

Lori has also worked as the president and CEO of the MDC Partner Network where she was made responsible of MDC unique model deepening, working with the partner agencies of MDC to increase growth rate and cross –collaboration.

Lori also served as a CEO and global chairman of kbs+. Under her leadership, kbs+ made a lot of achievements like moving from a domestic agency of 250 persons to a 900 people across the world. This led to the organization to be recognized by Crain’s as one of the best working places in NYC and was also made to be in the standout agencies list for three consecutive years.

Lori Senecal went ahead with her career journey and this time she was made the president of the flagship New York in the office of McCann Erickson, and previously as a McCann World group innovative officer.

In 2013, Lori was given the Quantum Leap Award at the AWNY game changer awards for innovation and leadership. Lori was also named one of the advertising age’s women to watch in 2014. Lori is a lady who believes that women also should have a chance to dominate the world ruled by men. She is always committed to excellence, and no barrier or challenge can make her stop chasing after her goals. Lori has participated in many philanthropic events and states that each individual has a role to play in making the community a better place.

Squaw Valley Responds To And Fixes Any Water Concerns

On November 30, 2016, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings issued a statement concerning water quality on the upper mountain. Squaw Valley operates a well-known ski facility, and takes water quality very seriously. This statement was made to state the facts, and to assure the public that all visitors to the resort will not be in any danger from unsafe water.


The problem that led to this statement was not created by Squaw Valley. They had installed new water systems in the summer of 2016. Heavier than normal rains occurred during the following October, and the water produced by those rains infiltrated the water system. As a result, water that had not treated entered the water supply in parts of the Squaw Valley resort.


Once Squaw Valley became aware of the problem, they reported it to the proper authorities so the water could be tested. Steps were then taken to purify the water. While those steps were ongoing, the water could not be used for drinking. Bottle water was provided to patrons at the upper mountain location.


No public health issues were reported. No one got sick from this problem. Squaw Valley took all the correct steps to report and fix a problem they did not create. The resort remained open at all locations including the upper mountain, and there was no risk to the public or anyone visiting the ski resort.


Squaw Valley considers the safety of its guests to be their number one concern. They have done everything necessary to correct the water problem. There is no danger to anyone thinking about visiting the resort, and Squaw Valley will issue updates as to the status of the ongoing efforts to fix the water problem. Even though this is a problem not created by Squaw Valley, they will do everything in their power to fix the problem.


Squaw Valley is committed to provided a world class ski experience for its guests, and the water issue will in no way interfere with that goal. Everyone can feel safe and secure in knowing that when they come to Squaw Valley they do not need to worry one minute about water quality.