Malcolm CasSelle and His Tech Investment Endeavors

Malcolm CasSelle is a renowned tech entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles. He is known for his position in OPSkins as CIO and WORLDWIDE Asset eXchange (WAX). Mr. CasSelle has a strong interest in the emerging sector; cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin technology has found applications in many areas and WAX has taken advantage of the emerging market to online gaming experience.

Cryptocurrencies have become so common that tech investors are looking for ways to use the underlying technology to bring about efficiencies and transparency especially in the financial sector. Malcolm CasSelle is at the forefront of efforts to utilize blockchain technology to enable people exchange items or transact securely.

Both OPSkins and WAX’s operations are centered on giving online gamers great gaming experience and services. Courtesy of WAX, online gamers can buy and sell skins and other gaming items securely and conveniently. The blockchain technology is opening up opportunities in the online gaming industry. there is still more to be done in regards increasing transaction speeds as well as transparency in not only the online gaming industry, but also many other industries.

Malcolm CasSelle has built a successful career on the tech niche helping companies grow and starting tech companies. Prior to OPSkins and WAX, he served as President and CTO at tronc, Inc. He also served as Senior Vice President as well as General Manager Media at SeaChange after it acquired Timeline Labs, his company that provided solutions to companies to discover, display ad measure engaging content.

Mr. CasSelle has played a major role in many companies to advance technology and solve tech problems people are facing in the today world. MediaPass is one of the startups Malcolm CasSelle has worked at. He also worked at Xfire. Mr. CasSelle’s entrepreneurial spirit and smart strategies informed his brilliant decision to invest early in titan companies such as Facebook and Zynga. He also co-founded PCCW, a company that grew to have a valuation of $35 billion. He is one of the individuals who introduced cryptocurrencies to the online gaming industry.

Malcolm CasSelle co-founded NetNoir in 1994 and spent 3 years in the company serving as COO and CTO. He has worked in other several companies including Morph’s Outpost, Inc serving as a Reality Developer, Original Quinton serving as director and GlobalCast Networks serving as director.

Former Goldman Sachs Member Peter Briger Is a Priceless Asset for Fortress Investment Group

If you are at all familiar with Fortress Investment Group, then Peter Briger is probably a name that you are also familiar with. He is one of Fortress’s principals, and he is also, impressively, the group’s co-chief executive officer. Although he eventually would up as a force at Fortress Investment Group, Briger previously was one of the minds that Goldman Sachs depended on, particularly when it was undergoing international expansion. So he is therefore a valuable asset for any serious investment firm to have on board with its goals.

Like most other finance professionals who have made it big, Peter Briger first studied diligently at university before pursuing success. Princeton University is the first place that he went, and it is one of the United States’ most prestigious schools; upon graduating from Princeton with his undergraduate degree, he made the decision to attend grad school at Pennsylvania University, attained the coveted MBA from Wharton School of Business before finally leaving academia behind to make it on his own. Learn more about Peter Briger at

As mentioned earlier, Peter Briger’s career was put onto the map during his time working with Goldman Sachs, which was long before brought his talents and set of skills to Fortress Investment Group. Credit securities was the area that he was in charge of, and later, when Goldman Sachs wanted to enter the market in Asia, Briger would come in quite handy. The firm had a much easier time executing the plan thanks to him, and, as a result, made him a firm partner as a much-deserved reward.

While there is so much more that can be said about the financial career exploits of Peter Briger, there is also a need to point out what he has done for others when he is not focused on working. The Central Park Conservatory was a recipient of his kindness when he was in New York, and individuals dealing with the housing crisis in San Francisco also received a bit of help from Mr. Briger when he was in that city. It is truly a thing of greatness to see someone put so much effort into both his career and into helping the community.



Achievements of Flavio Maluf in Eucatex Firm

Flavio Maluf is the son of Paulo Maluf, born in December 2nd, 1961. He studied mechanical engineer from Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation. He had a great interest in the business; therefore, he shifted to New York University to study business administration as full-time classes. Flavio Maluf is a well-known entrepreneur in Brazil, and also he is the CEO and president of the Eucatex group and president ofGrandfood which is the source to Premier Pet and Golden feeds. Before joining Eucatex Flavio worked for many companies such as Citicorp from where he gained required experience. Follow Flavio Maluf on Twitter.

Eucatex is a company supplying building materials including laminated and vinyl floors, skirting boards, paints, partitions, doors, and panels. The company also makes attractive and beautiful furniture and toys. The company uses eucalyptus wood from a particular tree found in Brazil. Laminated flooring made of eucalyptus are designed to produce a variety of styles including Classic, Elegance, Rustic and Prime.

Eucatex products are marketed commercially and internationally throughout the world. Their products are used to express economic class due to the value they weigh. These products and the production process followed while making them is environmentally friendly. Eucatex was the first one to incorporate recycling plant within the manufacturing system making use of leftovers to produce energy. Eucatex adapted a slogan of going green as a priority even before it was made a law in Brazil.

Flavio working as the president made Eucatex to ripe good result as he made the company to be a multimillion-dollar business through the use of advanced technology in producing high-quality products. The company has also diversified into other countries market making entry into Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, and the United Kingdom marketing their products. Flavio Maluf has recognizable deeds in philanthropic events through the provision of resources to Salto County and Sao Paulo.

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A Glimpse at Alastair Borthwick’s Magnificent Life Journey

Alastair Borthwick, decorated author, journalist, and broadcaster, led a remarkable and fulfilling life having been born in 17th February in 1913 and laid to rest on 25th September 2003. He began his life as a child in Rutherglen then shifted to Troon and finally Glasgow where he schooled at Glasgow High School. In 1929, at the tender age of 16, Alastair felt he was ready for life and stumbled on a working opportunity at Glasgow Herald. His job description entailed copy taking phone calls from correspondents. He worked for years picking a few skills and sharpening his knowledge in the industry.

Years later, Alastair Borthwick would see his job description elevated to an editor in some paper columns. He began to contribute in the paper’s editorial “Open Air” that would narrate more about Glasgow’s hillwalking and climbing scenes that had slowly started gaining popularity. Shortly after his writing skills became recognized for his notable works, Alastair secured a job in London’s Daily Mirror in 1935. He continued to work on his writing strengths as well as make a few additions to his journalism career, but London’s lifestyle didn’t seem to augur well with Alastair’s personality. The inspirational man returned home working for BBC as a radio correspondent.

Always a Little Further” was a collection of Alastair Borthwick’s intriguing pieces originally traced from Glasgow Herald then published as a book in 1939. Surprisingly, the publication received wide reception contrary to how the publishers expected since the collection would reveal the rich man’s sport to the common man. The book maintains status as the best publication to ever feature outdoor activities in Scotland.

Towards the start of the Second World War, Alastair Borthwick was absorbed into the 5th Battalion as able men and women were recruited into the forces. When the war came to an end, Borthwick who stood and survived the battle as an Intelligence Officer was asked to write about the events and history of the Battalion’s experience. The book was published in 1946 under the title “Sans Peur, The History of the 5th Battalion.” Alastair proceeded to settle down with his wife Anne and continued to pursue his passion as a journalist and broadcaster until retirement. See on his books on

Gareth Henry Reveals Leverage Risk of Private Credit

Gareth Henry’s recent interview with Clara Davis resulted in an article on the Daily Forex Report discussing the benefits and risks of private credit. The article titled, “An Overview of Private Credit with Gareth Henry” reveals the latest investment opportunity of private credit. Gareth Henry became an expert in alternative investments after he completed his degree in actuarial mathematics from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He has worked for Fortress Investment Group since 2007, where he became the managing director of the company. He is also focused on helping the company expand with his marketing towards the United States as well as the Middle East and Europe. Some of his responsibilities include making sure the pension funds of the company are well invested. He also focuses on finding and maintaining insurance relations in different companies. He recently became responsible for raising capital between Fortress Investment Group and other companies when he became the Global Head of Investor Relations.

Gareth Henry’s latest obsession in alternative investment opportunities is private credit funds. However, he does recognize that this kind of investment has some risk. Though private credit has the potential for returns that are higher than the market in general, there are many different risk factors that should be considered. Some of the standard risks are those that are found with any hybrid equity investment. However, there are also some risks that are unique to private credit that need to be analyzed by anyone looking to invest in this alternative investment opportunity. One risk is leverage.

Though many managers of private credit will use leverage to make their returns greater, it will also increase the risk that the returns will be lower than average. This is particular to senior debt funds because this kind of subordinated debt is too risky for most lenders. Though lenders can greatly increase their returns with this kind of offer, they are generally leveraged positions. This can cause credit lines to be canceled during a recession or crisis in the economy. If the credit lines are canceled, it will cause the returns to go down.

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David’s Unlikely Story With OSI Group

David Mcdonald never thought he’d be in charge of a multinational conglomerate when he was growing up on a farm in Iowa. He learned the Midwestern values of hard work, honesty and punctuality while growing up in rural Iowa. He also learned to value the work of farmers, and that’s perhaps why he commands so much respect in the food supply industry.

The hardworking David Mcdonald set his sight high. He attending Iowa State University where he won many accolades for his intelligence and work ethic. He earned himself a bachelor degree in animal sciences before landing an internship at OSI Group. He was immediately taken under the wing of the CEO.

David Mcdonald became a project manager before ascending to COO. OSI Group is all he’s ever known in the professional world and he wants to keep it that way for the rest of his career. He believes that the company is imbued with midwestern values and that’s why the company has become so successful. But OSI Group’s origin story is one of hard work, perseverance, a little bit of luck and unprecedented growth.

The worldwide conglomerate got its start as a butcher shop run by a German immigrant named Otto back at the turn of the 20th century. The immigrant worked hard to grow his business into a meat supply company which he eventually named Otto and Sons. This is when the company really took off.

They partnered with the founder of McDonald’s to be one of dozens of meat suppliers across America. They invested the profits of this venture into research and development of new freezing technologies. Their new meat freezing tech allowed them to get out ahead of the competition in order to become the main meat supplier for the most successful restaurant in history. The growth was exponential.

Under David Mcdonald, the company has diversified and expanded to 17 different countries. More than 20,000 employees rely on what is now known as OSI Group. But the company still keeps the same headquarters in Illinois right down the road from the original McDonald’s restaurant that started it all.

David McDonald: ISU Graduate And OSI Group’s President And CEO


Nick Vertucci: From Rags to Riches

Nick Vertucci is a practical example of how a person can rise from rags to riches. Through his book titled Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed, Vertuccinarrateshow taking bold and calculate risks enabled him achieve tremendous success. In this book, Vertucci argues that playing it safe might prevent you from achieving your goals. Through his personal story, Nick Vertucci suggests to his readers how to passionately pursue their goals, alter their mindset in radical manner, and overcome their fears. He shares with readers how he managed to rebuild his fortune after losing everything.

According to Nick, one has to follow four major steps in order in order to achieve their goals. These four stages of idea development form the basis of his mindset. The four stages that are outlined in his book include; seeing the goal you intend to achieve, believing you ability to achieve the goal, mapping the goal by developing plan of action, and finally executing the plan to achieve the goals. Through his teachings, Nick demonstrates deep passion and drive as he advises readers on how to move on after a setback. He outlines his path of self-discovery after a string of mistakes and failures.

Moreover, Nick Vertucci describes how to adopt a success-driven mindset that is critical when it comes to winning in business. He urges business people and professionals to make seven figure decisions in order to make it big in their businesses and careers. In other words, the life-changing philosophy by Nick can lift one from middle class into the millionaires’ club. The book is meant to inspire individuals that are afraid of failure to go out there and pursue their goals.

Who is Nick Vertucci?

Nick Vertucci is one of the leading real estate experts and investors in the U.S. He is also a renowned motivational speaker and founder of, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA), a training academy for current and prospective real estate investors.

The Contribution of Roberto Santiago to His People

The primary goal of beginning a business is accumulating profit and coming up as the most prominent individual. That is hard but not as harder as ensuring that your business has a positive impact on the people surrounding it. This means being selfless and building your business with the purpose of improving the status of the society. Many individuals move from their residential areas and go in search of areas with a market for their goods.

Roberto Santiago, is, however, a different individual. He is considered special because he stuck to his environs to develop it instead of shifting. Roberto Santiago was born in the vicinities of Joao Pessoa. He attended the Pio-X-Marist College, where he acquired finance education. Later, he advanced his academic knowledge by attending the University of Joao Pessoa where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

After completing school, Santiago landed a job at Café Santa Rosa. This was not his dream job, but instead of lamenting about it, he stayed and learned. Two years later, Santiago quit his job and began his cartonnage company. The company flourished, but there was one thing he had to do.

When he was growing up, he realized that the people in his vicinity lacked recreational facilities and never had active leisure time. He had promised himself to fill this need for his people, and he had to keep his promise. In 1987, he made the first step of making his dream come true by buying land for his project.

In 1989, Santiago launched the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. The mall has changed the lives of the people in multiple ways. Here are some of the contributions of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall;

The Resurrection of the Entertainment Sector

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has brought to life the long dead entertainment sector of the community. There are many ways in which they can now have fun without travelling.

The greatest centre of all is the Domus Hall. The hall was launched in 2009. The hall is used to hold public events and concerts.

Improved Living Standards of the Community

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has significantly contributed to the living standards of the community. Many individuals were absorbed as employees in the mall.

The other group of people began their enterprises in the community as there was available market as a result of the great infrastructure.

The community is also enjoying quality services and products as a result of the competition. They also have a variety that they can choose from when doing their shopping.

Rekindled Family Love

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has reunited many families because they can share meals together during their free time.

Man Of Achievement, Man Of Honor: Shiraz Boghani

In the largely populated industry of hotels, there stands out a few individuals that are examples of success, honour, and integrity. One such individual is the Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group Mr Shiraz Boghani. Let’s take a look at some interesting details in the life of such an amazing figure in the world today.

With over 30 years in the hospitality industry and currently involved in the same, Mr Shiraz Boghani is nothing short of an entrepreneur. He was recognized for his robust performances by receiving the “Hotelier Of The Year” award at the Asian Business Awards in 2016. Such a highly sought-after accomplishment and surely an accomplishment that is handed out to those who have exemplified excellence in the chosen field. This chosen field was the one of hospitality. To see such a man win such prestigious honors would leave you to think just where does this man receive his inspiration and training from. Mr Shiraz Boghani is originally from Kenya, but he travelled to the United Kingdom in 1969 where he worked as an accountant. Be it known that in 1985 he helped found one of the world’s most sophisticated healthcare facilities named Sussex Healthcare in 1985. Nothing short of impressive but rather indicative of passion and excellence while focusing on reaching goals. Truly a man of achievement and honor.

When you hear the name Sussex Healthcare you have to think of state-of-the-art facilities geared towards top quality treatment and care for the elderly. While not just the elderly are taken care of there are younger patients with physical needs as well. As Joint Chairman of Sussex Healthcare, Mr. Shiraz Boghani has brought his Hospitality experience into the realm of healthcare. By simply entering one of Sussex Healthcare many facilities around the world one cannot help but be impressed by the magnificence and beauty of such detail. But this detail does not stop there as Mr. Shiraz Boghani is heavily involved in philanthropic work wherein he spins a large portion of his time donating to various causes around the world.

In conclusion, we are able to witness the magnificence of an individual from two different Industries yet combining both Industries to bring a combination of hospitality and concern. Mr. Shiraz Boghani continues to be an example of just what it means to follow one’s passion. Nothing short of exceptional qualities displayed by this man of achievement and honour.

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You can Trust the Fortress Investment Group With Your Money

Having started their business in 1998 the Fortress Investment Group has sent spread from Austin, Texas to offices in over 100 countries around the world. They had become the global choice when it comes to trading between markets and has been successful in making billions of dollars several times over. is reporting that the end of 2017 the Fortress Investment Group had over $48.3 billion in its portfolio and was only looking to grow over the next few years. Many business analysts are saying this is a trustful company that you should feel free to put your money into. They have been given a five-star rating by many people due to the fact that they are so successful and have diversified themselves. One of the strongest aspects about the Fortress Investment Group is their ability to double down on the five core competencies.

They proudly proclaimed these five core competencies on their website knowing that they will make people feel safer when it comes to investing with them.The first core competency laid out on the website is that Fortress Investment Group succeeds at using asset-based investments. These asset-based investments often go into the areas of arbitrage, market trade, Forex trading, and real estate. All of these things look to make immediate investments and profit through the current trade-off. The second core competency of the Fortress Investment Group is they employ one of the most highly trained business analyst teams in the world. They have over 1500 people stationed around the globe were constantly looking out for market trends and how to make the company more money. These 1500 people are highly educated and often have doctoral degrees by the Thai Fortress Investment Group picks them up. In addition to that, the Fortress Investment Group offers training to each of these workers throughout the year.

At a minimum, they are required to attend at least one workshop every quarter.The third core competency for the Fortress Investment Group is their ability to work as a consulting firm with businesses that are looking to merge. Their goal in this endeavor is to keep stocks and shares as high as they can while maintaining the business operations of each corporation involved.The fourth core competency is the ability to utilize their strong analyst team to take the most complicated problem that is presented to investors and find ways to make it profitable. This means that the Fortress Investment Group has investments in situations that other companies do not have.The last core competency that the Fortress Investment Group proudly advocates for is their ability to help small businesses. They have a portfolio recommendation for small businesses which focuses on low-cost business investments and high-yield profits. To be honest, these profits are not as high as a high risk investment would be yet they are still profitable for how low risk they are.The Fortress Investment Group is looking to grow over the years and now is a good time to invest money.