Squaw Valley Responds To And Fixes Any Water Concerns

On November 30, 2016, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings issued a statement concerning water quality on the upper mountain. Squaw Valley operates a well-known ski facility, and takes water quality very seriously. This statement was made to state the facts, and to assure the public that all visitors to the resort will not be in any danger from unsafe water.


The problem that led to this statement was not created by Squaw Valley. They had installed new water systems in the summer of 2016. Heavier than normal rains occurred during the following October, and the water produced by those rains infiltrated the water system. As a result, water that had not treated entered the water supply in parts of the Squaw Valley resort.


Once Squaw Valley became aware of the problem, they reported it to the proper authorities so the water could be tested. Steps were then taken to purify the water. While those steps were ongoing, the water could not be used for drinking. Bottle water was provided to patrons at the upper mountain location.


No public health issues were reported. No one got sick from this problem. Squaw Valley took all the correct steps to report and fix a problem they did not create. The resort remained open at all locations including the upper mountain, and there was no risk to the public or anyone visiting the ski resort.


Squaw Valley considers the safety of its guests to be their number one concern. They have done everything necessary to correct the water problem. There is no danger to anyone thinking about visiting the resort, and Squaw Valley will issue updates as to the status of the ongoing efforts to fix the water problem. Even though this is a problem not created by Squaw Valley, they will do everything in their power to fix the problem.


Squaw Valley is committed to provided a world class ski experience for its guests, and the water issue will in no way interfere with that goal. Everyone can feel safe and secure in knowing that when they come to Squaw Valley they do not need to worry one minute about water quality.