The Philanthropic Nature of Jeremy Goldstein



If you have the means, take time to give back to those less fortunate. This is what Jeremy Goldstein and his two friends, Jim Finkel and Omar Khan, did back in May. These gentlemen hosted a charity event that included fine wine dining. Participants offered their contribution by buying the meals and wine. The money was used to support Fountain House. Follow Goldstein on Twitter


What is Fountain House


It is a non profit organization focused on helping men and women with mental issues. It was started in 1944 by six friends that had been through the same mental health challenges. The saw it as a platform to support the mentally challenged since such help was not easy to come by in those days. Even today, mental illness is still a huge problem, with more than 450 million people affected by it globally.


The Man Behind the Event


Jeremy Goldstein is an accomplished corporate attorney based in New York city. His law firm is dedicated to advising corporate clients on compensation issues and governance. Among his many specialties, Jeremy Goldstein advises clients on the importance of transformative corporate events.


In fact, the wine dinner event for Fountain House is an example of a transformative corporate event because it aims to transform the society in a positive way. Jeremy Goldstein is also a mergers and acquisition specialist. over the years, he has been involved in high profile take overs. For example, he facilitated Goodrich’s take over by United Technologies.


Why Fountain House deserves the Support


Interestingly, Fountain House has been rather successful in helping those with mental issues. The organization has been able to achieve an employment rate of 42%. It means that almost half of its members have gainful employment. Additionally, the school-completion rate of those supported by Fountain House stands at 77%. It means that the organization has few drop outs. In addition, only 10% of Fountain House members go back to the hospital for additional check up. They receive quality health care.




Jeremy Goldstein’s wine dinner to support Fountain House is a good example of giving back to society. It’s always good to give back to those less fortunate. If you cannot do so yourself, you should support an organization that does that.

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