Launching Potential in Rocketship Education Schools

Rocketship Public Schools is a name given to a public charter school organization in 2017. The organization was previously called Rocketship Education and was founded in 2006. It has grown from serving just one region of San Jose, California to the outside of California State in Wisconsin, Tennessee and Washington D.C. Preston Smith is a highly motivated individual and is a co-founder of Rocketship Education alongside John Danner who exited later in 2013 to join another business of supplying software to schools.

Rocketship is a big name, and the Rocketeers are the students who are given a chance by this well-established organization to achieve their dreams. Rocketship Education has given opportunities to the underprivileged mostly the low-income Latinos and the African-American students to unleash their full potential.

Rocketship Public Schools has included the parents as co-educators, and this has given them a sense of inclusion. Giving the parents an equal voice in such a curriculum has allowed the parents to take part in educating their children by backing up the school. This, in turn, has eradicated the confusion the students could have incurred. This method has played such a key role in the achievements realized by the students.

The principal usually has a chance to engage with the parents over coffee. This helps in raising the concerns that could be affecting the school family.

Frequent tests taken by students of Rocketship Education, vigorous teaching and hi-tech learning has been the key objective behind the huge success realized by the organization in general. These students from the underprivileged families have been placed behind computers, provided with the best teachers and have been highly motivated. Rocketship Public Schools believes that giving hope to the underprivileged is an excellent gift for them.

Richard Whitmire responded to the Washington Monthly that Rocketship Public Charter Schools has done so better than even the neighboring public schools. Kamenetz is a blogger who also responded recommending that the system is highly innovative and has well blended to the education system.

The Edsurge has also responded to the question of technology used in Rocketship Education System. The conclusion was that the technology used is safe enough.