Brown Modelling Agency Illuminating Stars

The Brown Agency’s Roots And Origins

The CEO And President: John Brown

Led by Justin Brown who first opened the Wilhelmina Austin talent and modeling agency in 2010. It became a prominent company that quickly garnered the respect of the modeling industry. Justin is not just a big brain he has modeled himself as a college student earning about $100.00 dollars an hour. “That’s a lot better than the $6 an hour I made at the golf course washing carts,” said Brown.

The Theatrical Division: Michael B. Bonnée

Heyman Talent-South has a proven track record of evolving the acting talent in the Austin area. From business management college classes to many agency positions including grooming models to be in tune with perfection on the runway Mr. Bonnée’s experience was key to the success of Hayman Talent-South. He was responsible for developing talent and exposing them to great opportunities across the nation. “We are thrilled to be joining The Brown Agency family,” said Michael B. Bonnée of joining forces with Wilhelmina Austin.

The Merging Of Two Competitors Into a Powerhouse

When Wilhelmina Austin assumed control of Heyman Talent-South the aftermath was the largest talent agency in the region. The joining of the two created more options for the modeling and acting talent in the Austin Texas area. They focus on fashion, commercial print, commercial, film, and television careers and currently manage over 450 clients.

Utilizing the advantages of both companies has allowed them to metamorphosed into a better more proficient and efficient company. Launched in 2015, the Brown Agency come out the gate ready, willing, able, and experienced. This premiere full-service talent agency is the only one serving the Austin area.

Where Have Their Models Walked?

*Austin Fashion Week

*Dallas Fashion Week

*New York Fashion Week,

* Miami Swim Week


They only select the cream of the crop in Central Texas are and develop them to be prepared to handle the largest markets and deliver quality output that the hiring clients will love. “ We are only as good as our talent,” Justin Brown.

List Of Previous Clients They’ve Staffed

*Louis Vuitton





Some people are talented, but they just keep it to themselves. If you’re a star in your heart, have talent, and are in the Austin Texas area you might want to know how can you break into the fashion, commercial print, commercial, film, and television world. Contact The Brown Agency and attend their Open Calls:

When: Every Thursday 3-4pm

Where: 100 Congress Avenue Suite 100

What to bring: Yourself, a resume (if you have one) and a few pictures (they don’t need to be professional)

find out more at:

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