End Citizens United

What is End Citizen United?
This is a political committee that was created and managed by Americans with a common objective of getting rid of big money politics in the country. It was established in 2015 few years after America’s high court came to a decision in the case of Citizens United and Federal Commission of elections.

Where are they located? The non-profit making organization has its headquarters in Washington D.C. at Capitol Hill. Ever since its introduction, Tiffany Muller has been the president and director of this PAC serving alongside other board members who make sure that the committee is run smoothly.

How much is End Citizens United expecting to raise this year?
Last year the political committee raised over 7.5 million. Early this year, the executive director, Muller revealed that the End Citizens United had raised almost four million. Moreover, he went ahead saying that they planned on raising more than 30 million for this year’s elections. The PAC raises its fund by donations from citizens and other well-wishers and member contributions.

Who did they recently endorse for the Senate?
Ever since the prolific nonprofit making firm was set up, it has endorsed several politicians who are mostly Democrats. These politicians include Hillary Clinton, Maggie Hassan, Beto O’Rourke Elizabeth Warren and Joseph Ossoff among others. Recently the PAC endorsed Senator Gillibrand and, Cory Booker after the two politicians announced that they were no longer going to take any form of monetary assistance from super PACs. The president said that the PAC was thrilled by the politician’s actions as they were a representation of honest and transparent American politicians who deserve reelection according to politifact.com. The committee strongly believes that corporate political committee’s only fund politicians so that they can in future use them to embezzle public funds.

What is the Big Money 20?
To End Citizens United, the 20 Big Money are politicians who have made wrong decisions and failed the citizens because of the threats and pressure that they have been receiving from their corporate backstagers. The big twenty completely forgot their responsibilities towards the people, instead of being busy serving Americans, they are rigging the system to satisfy the demands from their donors. The 20 Big money include; Ryan Costello a representative who voted against the campaign reforms about finances. He is funded by ECU. Claudia Tenny who is funded by ECU voted for a motion that was to give freedom of selling data without government consent. This was after Telecom funded his campaign. Other politicians that have been funded by corporate committees are Frelinghuysen, Erick Paulsen, Robert Pittenger and Mike Bishop among others. The 20 Big money politicians have been listed among the worst serving politicians in the American government.

Learn more about End Citizens United: https://www.vogue.com/article/senator-kirsten-gillibrand-end-citizens-united-stops-accepting-corporate-pac-donations