Former Goldman Sachs Member Peter Briger Is a Priceless Asset for Fortress Investment Group

If you are at all familiar with Fortress Investment Group, then Peter Briger is probably a name that you are also familiar with. He is one of Fortress’s principals, and he is also, impressively, the group’s co-chief executive officer. Although he eventually would up as a force at Fortress Investment Group, Briger previously was one of the minds that Goldman Sachs depended on, particularly when it was undergoing international expansion. So he is therefore a valuable asset for any serious investment firm to have on board with its goals.

Like most other finance professionals who have made it big, Peter Briger first studied diligently at university before pursuing success. Princeton University is the first place that he went, and it is one of the United States’ most prestigious schools; upon graduating from Princeton with his undergraduate degree, he made the decision to attend grad school at Pennsylvania University, attained the coveted MBA from Wharton School of Business before finally leaving academia behind to make it on his own. Learn more about Peter Briger at

As mentioned earlier, Peter Briger’s career was put onto the map during his time working with Goldman Sachs, which was long before brought his talents and set of skills to Fortress Investment Group. Credit securities was the area that he was in charge of, and later, when Goldman Sachs wanted to enter the market in Asia, Briger would come in quite handy. The firm had a much easier time executing the plan thanks to him, and, as a result, made him a firm partner as a much-deserved reward.

While there is so much more that can be said about the financial career exploits of Peter Briger, there is also a need to point out what he has done for others when he is not focused on working. The Central Park Conservatory was a recipient of his kindness when he was in New York, and individuals dealing with the housing crisis in San Francisco also received a bit of help from Mr. Briger when he was in that city. It is truly a thing of greatness to see someone put so much effort into both his career and into helping the community.