Jeffrey Aronin the Physician Who Became the Successful Business Leader in Hopes of Changing the Approach to Healthcare

Jeffrey Aronin, a talented physician, that chose to treat a child with medicine while sparing the child from undergoing a surgical procedure. This decision eventually helped the child’s condition with medicine, it was the best decision he had ever made.


That was the experience that led Jeffrey Aronin and his team to keep pushing their dream of helping others live longer and better lives by conducting more research, creating and effectively market medications for the people that have very little treatment options, if any.


Founder and CEO Jeffrey Aronin of Ovation Pharmusuticals LLC. was created in 2000 in hopes he could better help the patients with unmet medical needs, and especially ones with rare diseases. His main purpose was to create a company that was after one specific goal, catering to his patients and their specific needs.


Jeffrey Aonin sold Ovation in 2009 for 9 million dollars to a Danish Company named Lundback. Jeffrey was kept on as CEO in hopes the company would continue with its success while going through the new transition of ownership. In the past 10 years, the food and drug administration has approved 13 different new drugs created by Jeff and his team.


The success of Jeffrey Aonin has attracted many investors, and companies looking for a strong partner to help them bring possible new medicines to the world of healthcare. He is also very involved with the community, specifically those in Chicago directly related to healthcare. He currently sits as a board of directors for the World Business Chicago, which focuses on continued job growth. He was appointed a board member by the current Mayor Rahm Emanual. Jeffrey Aronin also sits as a board of director for Discover Financial Services.


Over the past 20 years, Jeffrey Aonin has created companies in the biotech and healthcare industry, where he has only strengthened his expertise in the areas of Drug development and rare diseases. If there is any company that dedicates itself to anyone that has been diagnosed with any kind of disease especially a rare disease, you can bet Jeffrey Aonin will take an interest.


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