Malcolm CasSelle and His Tech Investment Endeavors

Malcolm CasSelle is a renowned tech entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles. He is known for his position in OPSkins as CIO and WORLDWIDE Asset eXchange (WAX). Mr. CasSelle has a strong interest in the emerging sector; cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin technology has found applications in many areas and WAX has taken advantage of the emerging market to online gaming experience.

Cryptocurrencies have become so common that tech investors are looking for ways to use the underlying technology to bring about efficiencies and transparency especially in the financial sector. Malcolm CasSelle is at the forefront of efforts to utilize blockchain technology to enable people exchange items or transact securely.

Both OPSkins and WAX’s operations are centered on giving online gamers great gaming experience and services. Courtesy of WAX, online gamers can buy and sell skins and other gaming items securely and conveniently. The blockchain technology is opening up opportunities in the online gaming industry. there is still more to be done in regards increasing transaction speeds as well as transparency in not only the online gaming industry, but also many other industries.

Malcolm CasSelle has built a successful career on the tech niche helping companies grow and starting tech companies. Prior to OPSkins and WAX, he served as President and CTO at tronc, Inc. He also served as Senior Vice President as well as General Manager Media at SeaChange after it acquired Timeline Labs, his company that provided solutions to companies to discover, display ad measure engaging content.

Mr. CasSelle has played a major role in many companies to advance technology and solve tech problems people are facing in the today world. MediaPass is one of the startups Malcolm CasSelle has worked at. He also worked at Xfire. Mr. CasSelle’s entrepreneurial spirit and smart strategies informed his brilliant decision to invest early in titan companies such as Facebook and Zynga. He also co-founded PCCW, a company that grew to have a valuation of $35 billion. He is one of the individuals who introduced cryptocurrencies to the online gaming industry.

Malcolm CasSelle co-founded NetNoir in 1994 and spent 3 years in the company serving as COO and CTO. He has worked in other several companies including Morph’s Outpost, Inc serving as a Reality Developer, Original Quinton serving as director and GlobalCast Networks serving as director.