Miley’s Spicy Offer to Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson recently revealed that she’s never been on an actual date on Valentine’s Day.

She made these remarks as she publicized ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ which will be aired on the lover’s day. She stars in the rom-com along with Liam Hemsworth. The two are becoming a common couple in rom-com’s as they have featured as love interests in ‘Workaholics’ and ‘Pitch Perfect’.

On getting wind of Wilson’s revelation, Cyrus Miley, Liam’s wife of one month, was quick to suggest a trouple. The Wrecking Ball singer was looking to save Wilson the trouble of trying to get a date a few weeks to Valentine’s Day.

The koala and heart emojis on Wilson’s reply means that we are onto something interesting. The only worry is that the two friends may steal the show and deny ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ the publicity it is looking for. Read more: Isn’t It Romantic Trailer and Rebel Wilson Reveals Character – Isnt Romantic

Back in December, Instagram was awash with tantalizing wedding photos that laid bare the union of Liam and Miley. Their meeting on the Last Song set in 2010 got the ball rolling for the lovebirds and culminated in a colorful wedding that left tongues wagging. Liam, 29, had a sharp tux while Miley, 26, was in a shoulderless silk gown that glittered all day long. Their post-vow smooch photo was the hallmark of their seamless album.

A few weeks ago Miley had to come clean about being pregnant. At first, the allegations did not amuse her but she soon began making jokes of the whole story. Rebel Wilson, on the other hand, has been on social media posting videos of the new movie.

Rebel Wilsons stars as Natalie who spends most of her young life dreaming about romantic relationships only for her mom to dismiss her fantasies. A bad fall knocks her out and she wakes up to her biggest nightmare – a romantic comedy. She has to make do with the beachy New York City where she is caught up in a love triangle.

The Aussie star is also involved in the shooting of ‘Cats’ where she stars as Jennyanydots. The cinematic adaptation also features Taylor Swift and Jennifer Hudson alongside other stars. Rebel Wilson has been in the movie industry for close to fifteen years having joined the industry back in 2003. Apart from acting, she is a seasoned writer and producer with a number of shows under her name.

She has starred in ‘Pitch Perfect’, ‘Struck by Lightning’, ‘The Wedge’ as well as ‘Super Fun Night’, a television comedy she created. The 39-year-old has also been nominated for numerous awards thanks to her prowess and experience in the industry. In 2015, her role in ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ earned her two MTV Movie Awards along with numerous nominations for different awards.

Rebel Wilson was a student at Tara Anglican School for Girls before attending the University of New South Wales where she earned a B.A. as well as a Bachelor of Law degree.

She learned her acting trade at ATYP (Australian Theatre for Young People) and started her career in her home country. She later moved to Hollywood where she has made a name for herself with stellar on-set performances.

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