Outlining Rick Cofer’s Career as an Attorney

After serving as a prosecutor for about nine years, Rick Cofer established a law practice that he uses to represent people who have been charged with different crimes mainly in Central Texas. He is an experienced attorney in representing criminal issues that range from drug possession, violence in families, to felonies such as robbery and sexual assault. Cofer has been representing clients in Austin for years after serving in different not-for-profit organizations where he held senior executive roles including being the chairman of the Austin Zero Waste Commission where he led the community toward creating a recycling platform for a zero ban on plastic bags. In the board, he also worked hard to increase the funding of parks such as the parkland acquisition and recycling of different parks.


Moreover, Rick Cofer has been affiliated with different organizations where he serves as the president and chairman of the board of directors. One such organization is the Pease Park Conservancy as well as the Ending Community of Homelessness Coalition. He has also served as a political contributor for several political campaigns as well as served at the Democratic National Committee before joining the State Democratic Executive Committee.


Rick Cofer Delves Into the Plastic Ban


Residents of Austin were recently disappointed when the plastic ban was revoked by the controversial Texas Supreme Court that implanted a new policy. Many residents vowed to proceed with the movement irrespective of the decision by the court. For instance, Rick Cofer, the man who assisted in spearheading the plastic bag ban movement released a statement saying that in Austin, people shop environmental values. Retailers will, therefore, continue the main policy of not freely giving plastic bags. Many residents have also vowed to carry on with the movement.


Rick Cofer is passionate about accurately representing his clients as a defense attorney. Even though he has served in various organizations as a representative of criminal cases, Cofer has also handled domestic cases and property crimes. Working as a local Texan that provides resolution of different charges, he has excelled in the fair representation of crimes. Rick Cofer also believes that Texas should be conserved environmentally. He represents the community as a committee member of the political as well as humanitarian causes where he champions Austin to go green via his support of different local programs made to support the community. Because of his contribution, the community is dedicated to going green.