Fortress Investment Group Buys iPass

Daily Forex Report recently reported on the private equity firm, Fortress Investment in the article Fortress Investment Group Partners with iPass to the Tune of $20 Million in Credit.” The article was written by Jacob Maslow and he dives into how the firm shifted its investment strategy in 2018. They recently funded iPass, a provider of connectivity, with $10 million in immediately available funds. With a total funding of $20 million, Gary Griffiths the CEO of iPass was quite pleased. He reveals the company is excited to focus on becoming profitable and using their patents to create their new products SmartConnect and Veri-Fi. The company has secured considerable assets.

iPass has one of the biggest Wi-Fi networks in the world, helping millions of people to access Wi-Fi hotspots. The SaaS application gives customers unlimited data on an unlimited number of devices. They created more than 64 million hotspots worldwide and expect to create up to 340 million by the end of the year. The potential growth in Wi-Fi technology makes this a secure bet for Fortress Investment Group.

The deal was brokered by Riley Financial. Riley Financial is an investment bank that focuses on a niche of high-profile deals. They work within for different markets, auction and liquidation, valuation and appraisal, principal investment capital market.

Fortress Investment Group was created in 1998 and was one of the first private equity firms to go public. Their IPO caused a storm in 2007 and led many other firms to do the same. Their investment in iPass is aligned with the philosophy of the company because of the growing need for continual Wi-Fi around the world. Fortress Investment Group is aware that many people are becoming digital nomads and need the technology to work.

The iPass assets include SmartConnect, a software program that focuses on learning from previous experiences to help people make more intelligent connections. Fortress Investment Group has more than 900 employees and is centered in New York. There they have more than 1,750 investors and they manage a fund of more than $40 billion. The company recently raised $2.9 billion in early May of 2017.

Brian Torchin – Bringing the Needed Change to Healthcare Industry

Brian Torchin’s role is to open and manage medical office branches in different states. His company provides medical professionals with employment opportunities.

Social Media Activities

On social media, especially Facebook, he posts job openings since they are on the look-out for qualified people for different job positions in the healthcare industry. The posts usually have a variety of medical professions such as physical therapists, dental assistants, chiropractors, and physician assistants. There are both full time and part-time jobs in different parts of the country such as Arizona, Washington DC and even Texas. Every day, he shares links to different jobs. He gives medical professionals an opportunity to build their career. Read more at about Brian Torchin


Brian Torchin has created several companies in his career. One of the companies is the chiropractic clinic located in Philadelphia. Through this clinic, he has helped many patients to get rid of their pain and suffering. He has also enabled businesses to get qualified personnel by creating the HCRC staffing company. The organization serves healthcare companies, hospitals, and even legal firms. The company provides urgent care providers, qualified dentists, and nurse practitioners.


Brian Torchin has a lot of experience in the healthcare industry and he created HCRC staffing to help medial graduates land jobs. Thus, through his agency, he has helped doctors, healthcare practitioners and nurses to get employment all over the world. There is no doubt that he has changed the world, by ensuring that individuals all over the world get professional healthcare services. He counsels the recruits of his HCRC agency and by doing so makes sure that clients get the best service.

Media Outlets that have Featured Torchin

Brian has been featured by many media outlets. He has been featured in the digital journal, Topix, and examiner. These media outlets have written on Torchin’s contribution to the healthcare industry. Visit:



Nick Vertucci: From Rags to Riches

Nick Vertucci is a practical example of how a person can rise from rags to riches. Through his book titled Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed, Vertuccinarrateshow taking bold and calculate risks enabled him achieve tremendous success. In this book, Vertucci argues that playing it safe might prevent you from achieving your goals. Through his personal story, Nick Vertucci suggests to his readers how to passionately pursue their goals, alter their mindset in radical manner, and overcome their fears. He shares with readers how he managed to rebuild his fortune after losing everything.

According to Nick, one has to follow four major steps in order in order to achieve their goals. These four stages of idea development form the basis of his mindset. The four stages that are outlined in his book include; seeing the goal you intend to achieve, believing you ability to achieve the goal, mapping the goal by developing plan of action, and finally executing the plan to achieve the goals. Through his teachings, Nick demonstrates deep passion and drive as he advises readers on how to move on after a setback. He outlines his path of self-discovery after a string of mistakes and failures.

Moreover, Nick Vertucci describes how to adopt a success-driven mindset that is critical when it comes to winning in business. He urges business people and professionals to make seven figure decisions in order to make it big in their businesses and careers. In other words, the life-changing philosophy by Nick can lift one from middle class into the millionaires’ club. The book is meant to inspire individuals that are afraid of failure to go out there and pursue their goals.

Who is Nick Vertucci?

Nick Vertucci is one of the leading real estate experts and investors in the U.S. He is also a renowned motivational speaker and founder of, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA), a training academy for current and prospective real estate investors.

Examining The Life Of Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has been a proud member of the Florida healthcare community for almost a decade now. His emergency medical skills and humaneness continue to be beneficial, for both his colleagues and his patients.



Before he decided to make a career in medicine, Dr. Eric Forsthoefe attended the Florida State University and studied Religion and Religion studies (between 1999 and 2004.)


He left the FSU with the B.A in religion and religious studies in 2005 and enrolled in University of Louisville School of Medicine, and eventually (in 2009) became a Doctor of Medicine.


Eric then “baked his trade” as the Emergency Medicine Resident in LSU Health Sciences Center (from 2009 to 2012,) a facility known for accepting fresh talent.


Three years after, Eric left in LSU and applied for a position at the Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, as an emergency physician. Eric got a job and had been working with the Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare ever since.



Dr. Eric Forsthoefel specializes in Emergency Medicine. He is educated and trained to treat patients with various symptoms and diseases, including acute illnesses, minor injuries, and conditions. Thanks to his trade and education, Eric possess knowledge on a broad range of medical topics.


Though fairly young, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel already has six years of experience of working in Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital ER as an ER doctor.


Specifically, DR. Eric Forsthoefel specializes in what we call Critical Care Medicine: he provides help to those who are in immediate life-threatening situations, such as people who are experiencing a heart attack, suffer from a drug overdose, or have severe internal bleeding.


Career And Certifications

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is certified in Emergency Medicine by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. He speaks the English language (natively,) but also speaks Spanish.


Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is part of the vibrant and talented crew and has a total of 25 colleges at the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare (that specialized and provide their services in Critical Care Medicine.)


Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is affiliated with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare facility only, (being affiliated means that he is allowed to admit patients in that hospital).

Top Facts you should know about Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian lawyer. He speaks French, Spanish, English and Italian. In 2010 to 2012, he specialized in administrative law. In 2015 he enrolled in University of Sao Paulo to pursue master’s degree in state law. Additionally, Bruno did internships and volunteer work every year during his studies. He did family law, civil procedural law internship at Office Model Dom. He took two other internships after which he secured a job as a lawyer at Calil, Radi and Associate advocacy he worked for many years in public law and litigation. He shows a lot of interest in law and spends free time doing researches and publications. Read more about Fagali at

Being an experienced attorney, Bruno started his business in 2016 where he started Fagali Advocacy, which deals with election, compliance, public law, anti-corruption among others. The company is also involved in the discussion of news and giving answers to questions about changes that may occur. He has written lots of articles displayed in the company’s website and many Brazilians publications.

Fagali Advocacy is a leading firm of law in Brazil. It aims at using its expertise team members in providing a perfect and clear message to clients in need of advice regarding corporate law. Bruno led the project of creating corporate integrity program and submitted a proposal to ministry in charge of Transparency Supervision Control Council. The program has guidelines that in the reduction of risks of the parties that are involved. The guidelines provide a problem-solving process and detection techniques used by corporates willing to win a battle against corruption. The whole process of the program took 24 months and was completed through the guidance of Bruno.

The program approval by the ministry of transparency was followed by its implementation in organizations including Fagali Advocacy. Employees were offered online training through Fagali Advocacy website that is still available today. Bruno Fagali maintains a website that has all his contact information. Therefore, anyone interested in benefiting by using his services can easily access him. Learn more:



Launching Potential in Rocketship Education Schools

Rocketship Public Schools is a name given to a public charter school organization in 2017. The organization was previously called Rocketship Education and was founded in 2006. It has grown from serving just one region of San Jose, California to the outside of California State in Wisconsin, Tennessee and Washington D.C. Preston Smith is a highly motivated individual and is a co-founder of Rocketship Education alongside John Danner who exited later in 2013 to join another business of supplying software to schools.

Rocketship is a big name, and the Rocketeers are the students who are given a chance by this well-established organization to achieve their dreams. Rocketship Education has given opportunities to the underprivileged mostly the low-income Latinos and the African-American students to unleash their full potential.

Rocketship Public Schools has included the parents as co-educators, and this has given them a sense of inclusion. Giving the parents an equal voice in such a curriculum has allowed the parents to take part in educating their children by backing up the school. This, in turn, has eradicated the confusion the students could have incurred. This method has played such a key role in the achievements realized by the students.

The principal usually has a chance to engage with the parents over coffee. This helps in raising the concerns that could be affecting the school family.

Frequent tests taken by students of Rocketship Education, vigorous teaching and hi-tech learning has been the key objective behind the huge success realized by the organization in general. These students from the underprivileged families have been placed behind computers, provided with the best teachers and have been highly motivated. Rocketship Public Schools believes that giving hope to the underprivileged is an excellent gift for them.

Richard Whitmire responded to the Washington Monthly that Rocketship Public Charter Schools has done so better than even the neighboring public schools. Kamenetz is a blogger who also responded recommending that the system is highly innovative and has well blended to the education system.

The Edsurge has also responded to the question of technology used in Rocketship Education System. The conclusion was that the technology used is safe enough.

Everest Group Success Through Vinod Gupta

The CEO, founder of Everest Group, was in an interview to talk about his success. He is a man whose origin is India. He attended the University of Nebraska to gain his formal education. Vinod Gupta has been investing and purchasing those companies that are information technology based.


As a successful entrepreneur, he encourages those people willing to join entrepreneurship to make many risks possible. All they have to consider is to become conservative as they plan on the ways of spending their funds. Vinod Gupta has a lot of experience that has taught him many lessons but has helped him shape his business savvy.


There are things that people don’t agree with him. When he was starting to compose the databases, people always told him that he would end up broke because no one could be interested in purchasing his products. His sense always said to him that what he was creating was required. Vinod Gupta did the internal cost-benefit analysis that made him continue even though no one was supporting his idea.


When you are an entrepreneur, cost-benefit analysis is fundamental so that you can keep the tabs on your investments. What you will require is to be cautious about what you are investing. Mr. Vinod Gupta says that so that to spend on a certain substantial amount to a particular venture, his threshold risk is more different than where the threat was less in size. It’s an excellent recommendation to all those investors and entrepreneur that are in the world. Go To This Page for related information about Vinod Gupta.


So that his business could grow, Gupta was able to utilize the technology in the new market. In the current global economy, there are more opportunities for websites, applications, and also models that help utilize their products. They have been using the strategy of leveraging expansively growth of technological nature that helps open new doors in their businesses.





Roseann Bennet: Healthy Tips For Maintaining Our Wellbeing

Roseann Bennet is a professional marriage and family therapist who has been working in New Jersey for a more extended period. Roseann Bennett has been using innovative methods to run a non-profit making organization that cares for people with autism and anxiety issues. She is the brain behind Canine-Assisted Therapy that has assisted thousands of patients across the country.


Bennett offers some Insight On How To Maintain A Healthy Life. One of the methods she proposes is evaluating the good things that have happened in our lives and during the day that has passed rather than focusing on the negative issues affecting our livelihood.


Secondly, Bennett highlights the importance of sharing what we are going through rather than keeping it to ourselves. It is recommended that we express our inner feelings to the members of our families, friends, and even professionals. These people know us well, and there is a probability that they have experienced the same issue in their lives, and they will provide useful advice and guidance. The society has changed significantly and can now help a person with mental challenges such as those arising from marriage without stigmatizing people experiencing these challenges. Some organizations have even gone further to provide insurance covers which cover issues to do with mental health. Read This Article for related information.


Understanding our stress levels and controlling them plays a critical role in enhancing our well-being. Some people are experiencing high blood pressure and increased physical damages due to poor stress management strategies. You should be able to determine when you are stressed and how best you can change that situation to prevent further damages. Besides, Roseann Bennett advises that people should learn to let go of those situations they cannot control. It is evident that individuals dwell much on things beyond their control which only increases their damages. Therefore, understanding what we cannot solve and moving ahead is essential for our well-being.




The Contribution of Roberto Santiago to His People

The primary goal of beginning a business is accumulating profit and coming up as the most prominent individual. That is hard but not as harder as ensuring that your business has a positive impact on the people surrounding it. This means being selfless and building your business with the purpose of improving the status of the society. Many individuals move from their residential areas and go in search of areas with a market for their goods.

Roberto Santiago, is, however, a different individual. He is considered special because he stuck to his environs to develop it instead of shifting. Roberto Santiago was born in the vicinities of Joao Pessoa. He attended the Pio-X-Marist College, where he acquired finance education. Later, he advanced his academic knowledge by attending the University of Joao Pessoa where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

After completing school, Santiago landed a job at Café Santa Rosa. This was not his dream job, but instead of lamenting about it, he stayed and learned. Two years later, Santiago quit his job and began his cartonnage company. The company flourished, but there was one thing he had to do.

When he was growing up, he realized that the people in his vicinity lacked recreational facilities and never had active leisure time. He had promised himself to fill this need for his people, and he had to keep his promise. In 1987, he made the first step of making his dream come true by buying land for his project.

In 1989, Santiago launched the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. The mall has changed the lives of the people in multiple ways. Here are some of the contributions of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall;

The Resurrection of the Entertainment Sector

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has brought to life the long dead entertainment sector of the community. There are many ways in which they can now have fun without travelling.

The greatest centre of all is the Domus Hall. The hall was launched in 2009. The hall is used to hold public events and concerts.

Improved Living Standards of the Community

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has significantly contributed to the living standards of the community. Many individuals were absorbed as employees in the mall.

The other group of people began their enterprises in the community as there was available market as a result of the great infrastructure.

The community is also enjoying quality services and products as a result of the competition. They also have a variety that they can choose from when doing their shopping.

Rekindled Family Love

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has reunited many families because they can share meals together during their free time.

Dr. Saad Saad’s Legacy in the Medical Field

Dr. Saad Saad is a world renowned doctor in the medical field. His long list of accomplishments have greatly advanced the field. He has performed operations both in his work home and abroad, unlike many other doctors who are limited in scope. His incredible started in the middle east, then studying abroad in the United States, went back to the royal family in Saudi Arabia, and back to the United States where he never stopped advancing himself. He currently lives a peaceful retired life in Red Bank, New Jersey. The website Reporter Expert recently published an article about the life and career of Dr. Saad Saad.


In Dr. Saad Saad’s case, his english and arabic background would his career forward. He was born among 8 other siblings in Kuwait, and later went to Cairo University. Afterwards, he studied in the United States before being selected as the doctor for Saudi Arabia’s royal family. He achieved a great medical victory during his stay by completing the treatment of the youngest child ever to have an aneurysm. Dr. Saad Saad’s personal views of right and wrong with medical treatment can be seen all over his career from start to finish.


The middle east is a region stricken with widespread poverty, and Dr. Saad Saad had sympathy for the poor due to his own background. In addition to operating on the wealthy, he would help the the children in the region. He believes everyone is the same in the eye of medical science. His countless operations also led him to create new methods for efficient operations. Later in the interview, Dr. Saad Saad provides a few tips for surgery procedures. This includes reviewing medical records and planning prior to the operation, while also being well rested and focused on the task in front of you.


The world needs more doctors like Dr. Saad Saad. His contribution to the medical field is unlike many others. He served in the United State and his home country. While staying true to his personal values that everyone of any background is deserving of treatment. The life he led and the people Dr. Saad Saad meet during his career, will no doubt have been effected by his legacy. Learn more: