You can Trust the Fortress Investment Group With Your Money

Having started their business in 1998 the Fortress Investment Group has sent spread from Austin, Texas to offices in over 100 countries around the world. They had become the global choice when it comes to trading between markets and has been successful in making billions of dollars several times over. is reporting that the end of 2017 the Fortress Investment Group had over $48.3 billion in its portfolio and was only looking to grow over the next few years. Many business analysts are saying this is a trustful company that you should feel free to put your money into. They have been given a five-star rating by many people due to the fact that they are so successful and have diversified themselves. One of the strongest aspects about the Fortress Investment Group is their ability to double down on the five core competencies.

They proudly proclaimed these five core competencies on their website knowing that they will make people feel safer when it comes to investing with them.The first core competency laid out on the website is that Fortress Investment Group succeeds at using asset-based investments. These asset-based investments often go into the areas of arbitrage, market trade, Forex trading, and real estate. All of these things look to make immediate investments and profit through the current trade-off. The second core competency of the Fortress Investment Group is they employ one of the most highly trained business analyst teams in the world. They have over 1500 people stationed around the globe were constantly looking out for market trends and how to make the company more money. These 1500 people are highly educated and often have doctoral degrees by the Thai Fortress Investment Group picks them up. In addition to that, the Fortress Investment Group offers training to each of these workers throughout the year.

At a minimum, they are required to attend at least one workshop every quarter.The third core competency for the Fortress Investment Group is their ability to work as a consulting firm with businesses that are looking to merge. Their goal in this endeavor is to keep stocks and shares as high as they can while maintaining the business operations of each corporation involved.The fourth core competency is the ability to utilize their strong analyst team to take the most complicated problem that is presented to investors and find ways to make it profitable. This means that the Fortress Investment Group has investments in situations that other companies do not have.The last core competency that the Fortress Investment Group proudly advocates for is their ability to help small businesses. They have a portfolio recommendation for small businesses which focuses on low-cost business investments and high-yield profits. To be honest, these profits are not as high as a high risk investment would be yet they are still profitable for how low risk they are.The Fortress Investment Group is looking to grow over the years and now is a good time to invest money.

Talk Fusion, Good App Or Just Good Marketing?

Talk Fusion has announced a new application that is helping many people in the business world to keep up with the ever growing times. If you are not already in the know about this company, they are helping people to add valuable videos to their emails. Imagine getting an email from someone you may do business with and inside that email is a video that you can watch. This video could be entertaining or it might have a message or a thought of the day.


The idea is to use videos in various formats to build customers knowledge or engage them in one way or the other. This idea all came about when the CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion tried to send a video using email many years ago and there simply was no way to do it at that time. Bob Reina, the CEO created the software to help make the video email happen. Today the company is an all in one video marketing service that has won many awards and continues to do so. There are so many reasons why this company and the apps that they make are working for some many people. First, the app is something that makes it easy to use. Secondly, the idea of being able to send a video in the email is something that many people enjoy using.


Another part of the bigger picture is that fact that Talk Fusion has so many tools that can be used to make doing business with people so much better. You can use the video email, the newsletter format and even have a template for collecting contact information from your website. At Talk Fusion you never have to worry about them keeping up with technology because their apps and tools are state of the art and cutting edge. Bob Reina said in an interview that their leading competition was their own company. The reason is simple, no one else in the industry provides users what they can get with Talk Fusion.


You can also build a business selling the services of Talk Fusion. They have their company structured as a direct selling organization so, as a result you can be in business for yourself but not by yourself. This is helping people from all walks of life to help others and support their families doing what they love to do. With Talk Fusion, it is all about helping people and they are doing that in many ways. Learn more:


Roberto Santiago: The Wonder of Manaira

Sometimes shopping can be quite an exciting experience, you may go to the mall looking for a new pair of shoes or a jacket that will fit you just right. Regardless of what you are after, the shopping experience can play a major role in how you perceive the rest of your day. In the Brazilian state of Paraiba, there is a shopping mall and dubbed Manaira is changing the way people view the shopping experience. People of all age groups and find something that they like within its walls and there is no shortage of activities.


Manaira is innovative because it sets standards in its field that were never contemplated before. One of these innovations is Domus Hall. This facility is located directly on top of Manaira and was designed to be a space for concerts, trade shows, and other important events. Artists have come from around the world in order to play this truly unique venue. It can comfortably fit more than 8000 people over two floors. In addition to its massive size, Domus Hall does not skimp on luxury. There are wonderful private cabins, luxurious bars, immaculate bathrooms, and an ambiance that is unmatched in other concert spaces.


Manaira has received many visitors since it opened in 1989 because of its variety of facilities. There are significant shopping opportunities, but there are also five-star restaurants, a gym, a game station, and even a college. In fact, the game station houses over 1600 different types of games. Children will be entertained, but so will their parents as a step into the nostalgia of their past. There are also movie theaters available for shoppers in between their other activities. The 3-D movie theater will not disappoint, Manaira has displayed this innovative technology since it became available. Restaurants are available for shoppers of various budgets. Customers can go into Manaira and find a five-star restaurant that will serve them excellent food at reasonable prices. Shoppers will find more than they ever dreamed they would while visiting Manaira.


One cannot discuss the massive success of Manaira without mentioning its owner Roberto Santiago. Santiago is a visionary and has brought significant opportunity to Joao Pessoa, where Manaira is located, and even the country of Brazil itself. Manaira is considered one of the biggest shopping malls in Brazil. Santiago created it as a way of adding to the economic growth of Joao Pessoa, a city he has loved for many years. Santiago used the foundations he gained while obtaining his degree in business administration to help build a substantial empire. Now, Santiago continues to expand his real estate holdings and hopes to create more facilities that model the extreme level of excellence he requires.


Compassionate Care to the Core

In 2012, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar was recognized as a top physician based on his excellent bedside manner and compassion for his patients. He was awarded the Compassionate Doctor Certification from Patients’ Choice based on the reviews of his patients. He was in the top 3% of doctors across the entire country.

He is dedicated to the success of his patients and passionate about helping people. Dr. Jejurikar maintains a blog on his website giving a range of advice from things as simple as the basics of skin care to the latest popular cosmetic surgery (the Brazilian Butt Lift) to the obesity problem in the United States. These blog articles aim to inform the general public of basic information (skin care), available procedures (weight loss surgeries), and general advice on risks and benefits associates with a particular surgery (breast implants and butt lifts).

In addition to his practice in the United States and his ongoing efforts to inform the general public, Dr. Jerjurikar has also demonstrated a passion for helping those in need. Over the course of his career, he has been able to travel abroad to help those in need, including doing work for Smile Bangladesh.

Dr. Jerjurikar has been licensed in Michigan, New York, and Texas with Texas being his primary location. He graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School and completed his residency at the medical center there. He is an active member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons, and several other organizations.


Dr. David Samadi: Chief of Robotic Surgery

Dr. David Samadi developed the SMART technique, or the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment, for prostate cancer and has one of the best cancer-free success rates after surgery in the United States. At 90% of his patients being free of cancer after surgery, he is known across the globe for his abilities and people seek out his knowledge and abilities from all over the United States. He has performed almost 8,000 robotic prostatectomies mostly using the da Vinci method in the last ten years. A board-certified surgeon, Dr. David Samadi is a member of the American Medical Association and the American Urological Association. Along with being a successful surgeon with one of the highest pay rates in New York, he is also an expert on Fox News Health and a member of the Medical A-Team. He has been a medical consultant and contributor for Fox News since June of 2009.

Dr. David Samadi can be seen on Sundays as part of the Medical A Team’s Sunday House Call. These videos and much more from different segments Samadi was featured on can be seen on SamadiTV. SamadiTV is a web channel about prostate health and along with the TV segments features videos with medical information and advice from Dr. David Samadi.

Born in Iran in 1964, he was raised Hebrew in a Persian-Jewish community. He lived with his parents, his father a businessman and mother a homemaker, and his younger brother and sister until the Iranian revolution of 1979. Directly after the war, Samadi and his 12-year-old brother Dan left Iran for Belgium being forced to leave their parents and sister, Heidi, behind. The two had their education funded by their parents and continued their schooling in Belgium, London, and eventually New York.

He completed his M.D. in New York at the Stony Brook School of Medicine. His bachelor’s in biochemistry was earned at Stony Brook University under full scholarship.

Previously employed at Mount Sinai Medical Center as the Chief of Robotic Surgery, he left in 2013 to join Lenox Hill Hospital in New York as their Chairman of Urology as well as their Chief of Robotic Surgery. When leaving Mount Sinai, he invited his entire staff with him to his new position at Lenox Hill Hospital. His first position was as the Director of Laparoscopic Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. He held this position from July of 2002 to May of 2007.

End Citizens United

What is End Citizen United?
This is a political committee that was created and managed by Americans with a common objective of getting rid of big money politics in the country. It was established in 2015 few years after America’s high court came to a decision in the case of Citizens United and Federal Commission of elections.

Where are they located? The non-profit making organization has its headquarters in Washington D.C. at Capitol Hill. Ever since its introduction, Tiffany Muller has been the president and director of this PAC serving alongside other board members who make sure that the committee is run smoothly.

How much is End Citizens United expecting to raise this year?
Last year the political committee raised over 7.5 million. Early this year, the executive director, Muller revealed that the End Citizens United had raised almost four million. Moreover, he went ahead saying that they planned on raising more than 30 million for this year’s elections. The PAC raises its fund by donations from citizens and other well-wishers and member contributions.

Who did they recently endorse for the Senate?
Ever since the prolific nonprofit making firm was set up, it has endorsed several politicians who are mostly Democrats. These politicians include Hillary Clinton, Maggie Hassan, Beto O’Rourke Elizabeth Warren and Joseph Ossoff among others. Recently the PAC endorsed Senator Gillibrand and, Cory Booker after the two politicians announced that they were no longer going to take any form of monetary assistance from super PACs. The president said that the PAC was thrilled by the politician’s actions as they were a representation of honest and transparent American politicians who deserve reelection according to The committee strongly believes that corporate political committee’s only fund politicians so that they can in future use them to embezzle public funds.

What is the Big Money 20?
To End Citizens United, the 20 Big Money are politicians who have made wrong decisions and failed the citizens because of the threats and pressure that they have been receiving from their corporate backstagers. The big twenty completely forgot their responsibilities towards the people, instead of being busy serving Americans, they are rigging the system to satisfy the demands from their donors. The 20 Big money include; Ryan Costello a representative who voted against the campaign reforms about finances. He is funded by ECU. Claudia Tenny who is funded by ECU voted for a motion that was to give freedom of selling data without government consent. This was after Telecom funded his campaign. Other politicians that have been funded by corporate committees are Frelinghuysen, Erick Paulsen, Robert Pittenger and Mike Bishop among others. The 20 Big money politicians have been listed among the worst serving politicians in the American government.

Learn more about End Citizens United:

5 Décor Ideas that Make a Home Kid Friendly

Home decorations become so much more challenging when you have kids. You have to take care of every single aspect – from the furniture to creating dedicated play space. However, these following décor ideas will help to make spending time at home with kids easier, and thereby to keep family harmony.

Move the play zone in the dining room. 

Creating a separate play area or keeping all the books and toys of your kids in their room can be a storage problem. So, the best solution is using the rarely used dining room to keep their books, drawing paper, color pencils, and toys. Use the bookcases instead of cubbies to hold these things and keep your little ones stick it out a bit longer at the dinner table.

Many people think of transforming a corner of the living room as a kid zone. However, it’s a wrong idea as children are going to mess up the place, which is the first room where your guests will walk into. It’s better to keep the chaos out of sight. In addition, it will also make cleanup time quicker and easier between mealtimes.

Save the walls with wainscoting.

 Use beadboard wainscoting or other types of wall paneling to protect the walls and add decorating details to the interiors as it’s normal for kids to make a room messy and ruin the walls with crayons and color pencils no matter how many times you tell them not to.

In can also try installing kid-height chalk walls to create scribble space for them. Cleaning them up will be a breeze as you just need a cloth or duster. Besides, when your little ones use the space for their drawings, you can hang your own artwork and paintings above the rail. A win-win for everyone! 

Settle on adjustable stools. 

With these tools, one size fits all types of homes and everyone in the family, because you can easily change their heights from shorter to taller. You don’t have to buy separate stools for the little ones because they can twist the adjustable ones to lower the seat to sit at the right height. Furthermore, most of these products available in the market are sleek and trendy. So, they will look good whether you put them at the breakfast bar, kitchen counter, or workstation. Furthermore, your kids can use them at their desk or craft table. 

Create a play zone. 

Children can play outside, but it becomes a problem to contain their energy on rainy days or snowy afternoons. Dedicate a particular area for them to play when they can’t go out because of bad weather. Even a cleared-out hallway or a side of a room will be enough for racing matchbox cars or riding a scooter.

If space is a problem, take over an existing cupboard or closet and create a secret play space. There’s no kid in the world that does not love to play in a hidden nook. The empty space beside a staircase will also be perfect. Give the place major drama with a colorful tepee, small foamy accessories, and an oversized floor lamp. Your children will love to spend time there with their Lego set or art project. 

Find a place for displaying art projects. 

Your kid’s artwork never stops coming home. Whether it’s a school project or the result of an evening’s creative drive, it does not take long to feel swamped by the number of their drawings and paintings. So, designate a space to hang those pictures they don’t want to toss away. You can also encourage them to turn the older ones into gift wrap, thank-you cards, and bookmarks when you need to clear the space for new work.

Decorating your house for the kids is important because it makes the rooms safe for them. Besides, kid-friendly furniture and other decorations allow your little ones to enjoy their time for playing and doing homework.

Making Regular Adjustments and Adding New Stores With Roberto Santiago’s Mall

It is common for people to have a favorite mall. Often times, it is a little different form the local mall. For instance, one of the common factors in the favorite mall is the size of the mall as well as the type of activities it has to offer. However, there is always room for new stores being added. One thing that can help when it comes to malls is the type of stores that are being added. For instance, one thing that a mall can do to keep up with the other malls is add events and different types of facilities for the sake of diversity.


Manaira Shopping, the mall developed by Roberto Santiago is good for having these types of facilities. This mall has everything that is expected to be found in a mall and even some of the stuff that is not expected in a mall. Among the features of Manaira Shopping is schooling, banks, clothing stores, larger food courts, entertainment facilities, and other facilities. One area that is worth checking out is the movie theater of Manaira Shopping. They have a lot of features that are going to keep audiences coming back.


One thing that can be said about movie theaters is that they are adding something premium to the experience. In many cases, it is adding a very large screen to the facility. Many movie theaters are increasing the size of one of their screens and even adding recliner seats to a room. However, each of the movie auditoriums at Manaira Shopping has recliner streets. They also have waiters that are willing to help with the meals so that people will be able to enjoy some really good meals in the movie theater.


Manaira Shopping is committed to providing the best type of experience for people. Roberto Santiago thinks about the best possible experience a mall can offer and then does everything he can to move it beyond the idea. His goal is to bring about something that just can’t be replicated. He is also someone who wants to express himself through his large establishment.


Jose Hawilla: Creating a Revolution in Brazilian Sports Marketing Sector

Jose Hawilla is a leading entrepreneur in the Brazilian sports marketing sector who made a revolution in the area after spending almost a decade in the journalistic career. The Sao Paulo-based businessman is best known as the owner of Traffic, a leading sports marketing company in Brazil. Jose Hawilla often says that he faced mistrust when he explained how everyone could churn money from football during the initial days. Interestingly, he grew as one of the prominent businessmen in Brazil, and currently, he owns Rede Globo affiliates and Rede Bom Dia, a premier newspaper network in Sao Paulo.

Interestingly, Rede Bom Dia owns a number of newspapers including Bom Dia Bauru, Bom Dia Jundiaí, Good Morning Catanduva, Good Morning Fernandópolis, Good Morning Rio Preto, and Good Morning Marília. In October 2009, Hawilla also purchased Diário de São Paulo, a newspaper which was established in 1884 as Diário Popular but rebranded as Diário de São Paulo in 2001. While coming to his initial days, he worked as a television and radio reporter for the initial ten years. However, after attending a category strike in 1979, he was fired from São Paulo of Rede Globo. For more details visit LinkedIn to see more.

Jose Hawilla considered this as an opportunity to start his own venture. He collaborated with three other partners and purchased Traffic and began advertising at bus stops. Within no time, he could start selling publicity boards in football stadiums. Traffic grew consistently and even brokered the sponsorship contract of Nike with the national football team of Brazil. Currently, it has the trade rights of World Cup Qualifiers and Copa America. In September 2013, he announced the sales of Diário de S. Paulo, a newspaper of the group, and the Good Day Communications Network’s titles to Cereja Comunicação Digital.

Jose Hawilla is an iconic personality in Brazil who made success in journalism and entrepreneurship. He often interacts with young entrepreneurs and journalists to help them to make success in their respective careers. Apart from sports marketing, Hawilla is also into the area of video productions and shows. He encourages young talents by saying that they should believe and put a lot of efforts and hard work to make things happen in their life. You can watch on YouTube to see more.

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Frontera Fund Helps DACA

There is much uncertainty in the United States today about a host of issues, but one issue that hits close to home for many undocumented youth is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy that has been the topic of much debate in recent months. Established by President Obama in 2012, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (or DACA for shot) allows undocumented youth who were brought to the country as young children, the opportunity to stay in the United States and work without fear of deportation. Recipients must meet the requirements of the program and must renew their deferred status every two years.


The current White House administration has taken steps towards rescinding the program, amid threats from conservative states Attorneys General, such as Ken Paxton from Texas, that they will begin to take legal action if the administration does not move on this issue.


Should DACA be rescinded, hundreds of thousands of undocumented youth could face expulsion from the only home they’ve ever known. One of the prerequisites of the program is the recipient must have been brought to the United States before the age of 16. For the majority of the recipients, the United States is the place where they grew up, where they have built their lives and gone to school, and most importantly, the place they call home.


During the inaugural years of the program, an overwhelming majority of recipients were either working, enrolled in school or doing both. DACA recipients are contributing positively to society by furthering their education, earning higher wages and paying taxes. Their effect on the economy has been favorable.


While recipients are facing an uncertain future, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund provides resources to aide the fight in creating a permanent solution for DACA recipients, the DREAM Act. Utilizing settlement proceeds from their suit against Maricopa County after being illegally detained at the hands of then county Sherif Joe Arpaio, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have shown great support for human rights causes and the protection of the First Amendment. The Frontera Fund helps support organizations fighting for DACA recipients such as the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona, the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition and the American Immigration Council.


In the years since DACA was created, undocumented youth who received deferred status have shown that they are Americans, that they love this country as their own, and they will fight to be recognized as legal citizens.