Launching Potential in Rocketship Education Schools

Rocketship Public Schools is a name given to a public charter school organization in 2017. The organization was previously called Rocketship Education and was founded in 2006. It has grown from serving just one region of San Jose, California to the outside of California State in Wisconsin, Tennessee and Washington D.C. Preston Smith is a highly motivated individual and is a co-founder of Rocketship Education alongside John Danner who exited later in 2013 to join another business of supplying software to schools.

Rocketship is a big name, and the Rocketeers are the students who are given a chance by this well-established organization to achieve their dreams. Rocketship Education has given opportunities to the underprivileged mostly the low-income Latinos and the African-American students to unleash their full potential.

Rocketship Public Schools has included the parents as co-educators, and this has given them a sense of inclusion. Giving the parents an equal voice in such a curriculum has allowed the parents to take part in educating their children by backing up the school. This, in turn, has eradicated the confusion the students could have incurred. This method has played such a key role in the achievements realized by the students.

The principal usually has a chance to engage with the parents over coffee. This helps in raising the concerns that could be affecting the school family.

Frequent tests taken by students of Rocketship Education, vigorous teaching and hi-tech learning has been the key objective behind the huge success realized by the organization in general. These students from the underprivileged families have been placed behind computers, provided with the best teachers and have been highly motivated. Rocketship Public Schools believes that giving hope to the underprivileged is an excellent gift for them.

Richard Whitmire responded to the Washington Monthly that Rocketship Public Charter Schools has done so better than even the neighboring public schools. Kamenetz is a blogger who also responded recommending that the system is highly innovative and has well blended to the education system.

The Edsurge has also responded to the question of technology used in Rocketship Education System. The conclusion was that the technology used is safe enough.

Everest Group Success Through Vinod Gupta

The CEO, founder of Everest Group, was in an interview to talk about his success. He is a man whose origin is India. He attended the University of Nebraska to gain his formal education. Vinod Gupta has been investing and purchasing those companies that are information technology based.


As a successful entrepreneur, he encourages those people willing to join entrepreneurship to make many risks possible. All they have to consider is to become conservative as they plan on the ways of spending their funds. Vinod Gupta has a lot of experience that has taught him many lessons but has helped him shape his business savvy.


There are things that people don’t agree with him. When he was starting to compose the databases, people always told him that he would end up broke because no one could be interested in purchasing his products. His sense always said to him that what he was creating was required. Vinod Gupta did the internal cost-benefit analysis that made him continue even though no one was supporting his idea.


When you are an entrepreneur, cost-benefit analysis is fundamental so that you can keep the tabs on your investments. What you will require is to be cautious about what you are investing. Mr. Vinod Gupta says that so that to spend on a certain substantial amount to a particular venture, his threshold risk is more different than where the threat was less in size. It’s an excellent recommendation to all those investors and entrepreneur that are in the world. Go To This Page for related information about Vinod Gupta.


So that his business could grow, Gupta was able to utilize the technology in the new market. In the current global economy, there are more opportunities for websites, applications, and also models that help utilize their products. They have been using the strategy of leveraging expansively growth of technological nature that helps open new doors in their businesses.





Roseann Bennet: Healthy Tips For Maintaining Our Wellbeing

Roseann Bennet is a professional marriage and family therapist who has been working in New Jersey for a more extended period. Roseann Bennett has been using innovative methods to run a non-profit making organization that cares for people with autism and anxiety issues. She is the brain behind Canine-Assisted Therapy that has assisted thousands of patients across the country.


Bennett offers some Insight On How To Maintain A Healthy Life. One of the methods she proposes is evaluating the good things that have happened in our lives and during the day that has passed rather than focusing on the negative issues affecting our livelihood.


Secondly, Bennett highlights the importance of sharing what we are going through rather than keeping it to ourselves. It is recommended that we express our inner feelings to the members of our families, friends, and even professionals. These people know us well, and there is a probability that they have experienced the same issue in their lives, and they will provide useful advice and guidance. The society has changed significantly and can now help a person with mental challenges such as those arising from marriage without stigmatizing people experiencing these challenges. Some organizations have even gone further to provide insurance covers which cover issues to do with mental health. Read This Article for related information.


Understanding our stress levels and controlling them plays a critical role in enhancing our well-being. Some people are experiencing high blood pressure and increased physical damages due to poor stress management strategies. You should be able to determine when you are stressed and how best you can change that situation to prevent further damages. Besides, Roseann Bennett advises that people should learn to let go of those situations they cannot control. It is evident that individuals dwell much on things beyond their control which only increases their damages. Therefore, understanding what we cannot solve and moving ahead is essential for our well-being.




The Contribution of Roberto Santiago to His People

The primary goal of beginning a business is accumulating profit and coming up as the most prominent individual. That is hard but not as harder as ensuring that your business has a positive impact on the people surrounding it. This means being selfless and building your business with the purpose of improving the status of the society. Many individuals move from their residential areas and go in search of areas with a market for their goods.

Roberto Santiago, is, however, a different individual. He is considered special because he stuck to his environs to develop it instead of shifting. Roberto Santiago was born in the vicinities of Joao Pessoa. He attended the Pio-X-Marist College, where he acquired finance education. Later, he advanced his academic knowledge by attending the University of Joao Pessoa where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

After completing school, Santiago landed a job at Café Santa Rosa. This was not his dream job, but instead of lamenting about it, he stayed and learned. Two years later, Santiago quit his job and began his cartonnage company. The company flourished, but there was one thing he had to do.

When he was growing up, he realized that the people in his vicinity lacked recreational facilities and never had active leisure time. He had promised himself to fill this need for his people, and he had to keep his promise. In 1987, he made the first step of making his dream come true by buying land for his project.

In 1989, Santiago launched the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. The mall has changed the lives of the people in multiple ways. Here are some of the contributions of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall;

The Resurrection of the Entertainment Sector

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has brought to life the long dead entertainment sector of the community. There are many ways in which they can now have fun without travelling.

The greatest centre of all is the Domus Hall. The hall was launched in 2009. The hall is used to hold public events and concerts.

Improved Living Standards of the Community

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has significantly contributed to the living standards of the community. Many individuals were absorbed as employees in the mall.

The other group of people began their enterprises in the community as there was available market as a result of the great infrastructure.

The community is also enjoying quality services and products as a result of the competition. They also have a variety that they can choose from when doing their shopping.

Rekindled Family Love

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has reunited many families because they can share meals together during their free time.

Dr. Saad Saad’s Legacy in the Medical Field

Dr. Saad Saad is a world renowned doctor in the medical field. His long list of accomplishments have greatly advanced the field. He has performed operations both in his work home and abroad, unlike many other doctors who are limited in scope. His incredible started in the middle east, then studying abroad in the United States, went back to the royal family in Saudi Arabia, and back to the United States where he never stopped advancing himself. He currently lives a peaceful retired life in Red Bank, New Jersey. The website Reporter Expert recently published an article about the life and career of Dr. Saad Saad.


In Dr. Saad Saad’s case, his english and arabic background would his career forward. He was born among 8 other siblings in Kuwait, and later went to Cairo University. Afterwards, he studied in the United States before being selected as the doctor for Saudi Arabia’s royal family. He achieved a great medical victory during his stay by completing the treatment of the youngest child ever to have an aneurysm. Dr. Saad Saad’s personal views of right and wrong with medical treatment can be seen all over his career from start to finish.


The middle east is a region stricken with widespread poverty, and Dr. Saad Saad had sympathy for the poor due to his own background. In addition to operating on the wealthy, he would help the the children in the region. He believes everyone is the same in the eye of medical science. His countless operations also led him to create new methods for efficient operations. Later in the interview, Dr. Saad Saad provides a few tips for surgery procedures. This includes reviewing medical records and planning prior to the operation, while also being well rested and focused on the task in front of you.


The world needs more doctors like Dr. Saad Saad. His contribution to the medical field is unlike many others. He served in the United State and his home country. While staying true to his personal values that everyone of any background is deserving of treatment. The life he led and the people Dr. Saad Saad meet during his career, will no doubt have been effected by his legacy. Learn more:

Man Of Achievement, Man Of Honor: Shiraz Boghani

In the largely populated industry of hotels, there stands out a few individuals that are examples of success, honour, and integrity. One such individual is the Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group Mr Shiraz Boghani. Let’s take a look at some interesting details in the life of such an amazing figure in the world today.

With over 30 years in the hospitality industry and currently involved in the same, Mr Shiraz Boghani is nothing short of an entrepreneur. He was recognized for his robust performances by receiving the “Hotelier Of The Year” award at the Asian Business Awards in 2016. Such a highly sought-after accomplishment and surely an accomplishment that is handed out to those who have exemplified excellence in the chosen field. This chosen field was the one of hospitality. To see such a man win such prestigious honors would leave you to think just where does this man receive his inspiration and training from. Mr Shiraz Boghani is originally from Kenya, but he travelled to the United Kingdom in 1969 where he worked as an accountant. Be it known that in 1985 he helped found one of the world’s most sophisticated healthcare facilities named Sussex Healthcare in 1985. Nothing short of impressive but rather indicative of passion and excellence while focusing on reaching goals. Truly a man of achievement and honor.

When you hear the name Sussex Healthcare you have to think of state-of-the-art facilities geared towards top quality treatment and care for the elderly. While not just the elderly are taken care of there are younger patients with physical needs as well. As Joint Chairman of Sussex Healthcare, Mr. Shiraz Boghani has brought his Hospitality experience into the realm of healthcare. By simply entering one of Sussex Healthcare many facilities around the world one cannot help but be impressed by the magnificence and beauty of such detail. But this detail does not stop there as Mr. Shiraz Boghani is heavily involved in philanthropic work wherein he spins a large portion of his time donating to various causes around the world.

In conclusion, we are able to witness the magnificence of an individual from two different Industries yet combining both Industries to bring a combination of hospitality and concern. Mr. Shiraz Boghani continues to be an example of just what it means to follow one’s passion. Nothing short of exceptional qualities displayed by this man of achievement and honour.

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Talkspace Online Therapy to Get Over Best Friend Breakup

Friendship ends for some reasons. You see less of her because of work or personal life. It might also be because she shifted to another place and you people do not speak as often as you did and do not share the same group of friends anymore. Maybe you had a massive fight with her and are not on speaking terms. No matter what the reason might be, breaking a friendship can be quite sad. Most of the time, people do not acknowledge their feelings, and it can lead to depression and feeling of loneliness. While many people will tell you that time will heal, it is not always that easy.

The best way to overcome the feelings is to talk to a professional. If you feel that people will make fun of you for seeking therapy for friendship breakups, you will be surprised as to how many people do so for the same reason. Online therapy is another convenient method that allows you to speak to a therapist in a secured environment. You need to take this time to learn about yourself and indulge in things that you like. Remember that friendships change and it might be time to accept it.

It is no surprise that internet has provided multiple avenues for people to seek mental health therapy. It is possible for people to connect with therapists instantly without any waiting time. Talkspace is one of the leading online therapy apps that connect clients with professional and experienced therapists. The therapy sessions are done online via a medium that is most preferred by the client. It is available to everyone, and even those without any health insurance can get the help they need. It is not just adults, but also teenagers find it easier to receive therapy since they are comfortable with using the internet. Visit Wikipedia to learn more about Talkspace.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Put Their Substantial Settlement Money From Wrongful Arrests To Good Use

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are Phoenix, Arizona area journalists who have been developing their reputation as civil rights and free speech crusader since the 1970s. They are the co-founders of the newspaper The Phoenix New Times and its parent company Village Voice Media. They are also the co-founders of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund which was established to aid in the fight for immigrant and migrant rights. The story of how the Frontera Fund came to be is a very interesting one and it is a story that is inexorably tied to disgraced former Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.


The events that eventually led to the establishment of the Frontera Fund began on the 18th of October, 2007 when armed deputies of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department, under orders of Sheriff Joe Arpaio forcibly removed Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin from their Phoenix homes and hauled them away in tinted windowed, unmarked SUV’s bearing Mexican license plates. The two were subsequently booked into separate jail facilities. The aftermath of these arrests included a huge public outcry that led to the release of the freedom fighting journalists within 24 hours and the start of a suit that would lead to a $3.7 million settlement.


The motivation behind the arrests of Lacey and Larkin were predicated on the growing frustration from Joe Arpaio and his corrupt department at the fact the Phoenix New Times, unlike many other media outlets, was telling the truth about what was going on in Maricopa County. Misdeeds exposed by the newspaper included embezzlement of funds, below standard health conditions in the county jail facilities and constant reports of mistreatment of inmates including cases of inmate deaths. Arpaio’s department was also mired in constant allegations of racial profiling of people of Latino origin without probable cause.


The truth behind the Lacey and Larkin arrest was that it was the result of a story the pair had published in which a conspiracy between Arpaio and the county’s attorney was exposed and included details of the privacy of Phoenix New Times readers being compromised. When all was said and done, the Ninth Court of Appeals made it clear that the arrests were a direct vioation of the First Amendment and that subpoenas issues in Maricopa County’s grand-jury investigation had not been issued in accordance with the law. The result was that Lacey and Larkin were awarded $3.7 million as a settlement. Their response to receiving this sum was to put it to good use in starting the Frontera Fund as a way to continue to fight for immigrant and migrant rights.


Irish Labor Union Organizer Jim Larkin

Born in Liverpool, England, Jim Larkin began working as a dock foreman at a young age. After he noticed the unfair treatment of the workers there, he joined the National Union of Dock Laborers, and by 1905, became an active and passionate full-time labor organizer. Due to the methods he used to push for a fair work environment, the NUDL transferred him to Dublin, Ireland, where he eventually started another union known as the ITGWU, which stands for Irish Transport and General Worker’s Union. This union was formed to combine all the Irish industrial workers, both skilled and unskilled into one organization.


The ITGWU became the area’s biggest union, and Jim Larkin became famous for leading many strikes, including one called the Dublin Lockout, which took place in 1913 and involved more than 100,000 workers going on strike for almost 8 months. This major walkout led to the group winning the right to fair employment. After achieving the desired results with this strike, Jim Larkin traveled to the U.S. in 1914 and continued his efforts to organize workers, but ended up later getting deported back to Ireland after being convicted and pardoned of anarchy and communism in 1920.


After returning to Dublin, the activist organized yet another union called the Worker’s Union of Ireland, and by 1924, he was recognized by Communist International. He also staged a big anti-war demonstration when World War I started, and his previous trip to the U.S. had been due in part to him trying to raise money to fight the British military. Jim Larkin, whose birth name was James Larkin, did not get much of a formal education, but he developed his skill for organizing after he’d worked a number of jobs when he was very young in order to help supplement his family’s income.


His passion for labor union organizing lasted into the 1940s, and it was because of his ability to use strategic methods to protect workers that he came to be known as one of the pioneers of fair employment advocacy. Jim Larkin was a married father of 4 sons, and he died in Dublin, Ireland in 1947.

You can Trust the Fortress Investment Group With Your Money

Having started their business in 1998 the Fortress Investment Group has sent spread from Austin, Texas to offices in over 100 countries around the world. They had become the global choice when it comes to trading between markets and has been successful in making billions of dollars several times over. is reporting that the end of 2017 the Fortress Investment Group had over $48.3 billion in its portfolio and was only looking to grow over the next few years. Many business analysts are saying this is a trustful company that you should feel free to put your money into. They have been given a five-star rating by many people due to the fact that they are so successful and have diversified themselves. One of the strongest aspects about the Fortress Investment Group is their ability to double down on the five core competencies.

They proudly proclaimed these five core competencies on their website knowing that they will make people feel safer when it comes to investing with them.The first core competency laid out on the website is that Fortress Investment Group succeeds at using asset-based investments. These asset-based investments often go into the areas of arbitrage, market trade, Forex trading, and real estate. All of these things look to make immediate investments and profit through the current trade-off. The second core competency of the Fortress Investment Group is they employ one of the most highly trained business analyst teams in the world. They have over 1500 people stationed around the globe were constantly looking out for market trends and how to make the company more money. These 1500 people are highly educated and often have doctoral degrees by the Thai Fortress Investment Group picks them up. In addition to that, the Fortress Investment Group offers training to each of these workers throughout the year.

At a minimum, they are required to attend at least one workshop every quarter.The third core competency for the Fortress Investment Group is their ability to work as a consulting firm with businesses that are looking to merge. Their goal in this endeavor is to keep stocks and shares as high as they can while maintaining the business operations of each corporation involved.The fourth core competency is the ability to utilize their strong analyst team to take the most complicated problem that is presented to investors and find ways to make it profitable. This means that the Fortress Investment Group has investments in situations that other companies do not have.The last core competency that the Fortress Investment Group proudly advocates for is their ability to help small businesses. They have a portfolio recommendation for small businesses which focuses on low-cost business investments and high-yield profits. To be honest, these profits are not as high as a high risk investment would be yet they are still profitable for how low risk they are.The Fortress Investment Group is looking to grow over the years and now is a good time to invest money.