Paul Mampilly Reveals Changes In Wall Street With Improvement In AI

The creator of the Banyan Hill Publishing newsletter, Profits Unlimited, was recently featured on the Inspirey website in an article titled, “Paul Mampilly—Senior Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing.”

The article reveals how the Wall Street investor transitioned from managing the hedge funds for billion-dollar companies like Kinetics Asset Management to writing newsletters for average investors. Paul Mampilly enjoys teaching the main street Americans the power of investing in his newsletter, Profits Unlimited. The newsletter has reached more than 90,000 subscribers since its creation in 2016.

In the newsletter, Paul Mampilly provides his advice in an 8-page newsletter each month where he describes the opportunities and a model portfolio. He provides several different stocks he recommends to his readers and why they are a great investment. However, he also offers newsletters for the more advanced investors and those who are willing to take more risk in their investments. Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum are geared towards investors who want to make a large profit and are willing to take more risk to attain it.

Paul Mampilly reveals that he is an authority in the investment world because he has a proven track record for helping people invest themselves. He has helped people for seven years after a long track record making money for large hedge funds on Wall Street. He has also been in several different roles in his years on Wall Street. He has been an analyst, manager of money, and even managing a trading desk. This experience has allowed him to bring the internal understanding of Wall Street’s happenings to the day to day investor.

Paul Mampilly has also become well-known for his willingness to go the extra mile for his readers. He still works 12 to 14 hours each day to stay on top of the latest investment strategies and trends. Most of the time is spent researching and tracking the stocks. He also keeps an eye on companies to see if they are worth investing in.

Mampilly reveals that some large changes have been happening on Wall Street since the introduction of the computer to the trading industry. Trading with computers and the improvements in artificial intelligence has allowed people to change how they look at investing.

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