Rocketship Public Schools Earns Top Rating for D.C. Schools

Rocketship Public Schools has recently earned a record high score for an elementary public school. It was awarded as among the top quality public schools on the DC Public Charter School Board Quality Report for 2018. The Performance Management Framework is the rating system for public schools in the D.C. area. One of the Rocketship public schools known as Rocketship public schools Legacy Prep earned a score of 94% which is the highest score ever given to a school serving the Pre K through eighth grade student population. As a result, Legacy Prep is the top public school in the area for the Tier 1 category.

Each year the DC Public Charter School Board gives an annual Quality Report. This report is used to measure the performance of charter public schools. The rating is given a range between 1 and 100 and is based on a number of categories. These categories include student progress, student achievement, parental satisfaction and attendance. During the 2017-18 school year, 73% of the students were classified as at risk students along with 22% being homeless. With the recent results of Rocketship public schools, it has been proven that all students are capable of reaching high levels of achievement. All of the students at the school grew 1.7 years in math and 1.4 years in reading during the school year. This has demonstrated that the students are progressing at a high level in their education.

Parents are now quite aware the there is a lot of promise for students who attend this school. Legacy Prep has seen a high growth in student population during the most recent school year. Today, Legacy Prep and Rocketship Public Schools now serve over 450 students at the new Ward 7 campus. A number of parents have been quite impressed with the school which has led to the high level of attendance. The school provides kids an opportunity to build on the past and look forward to a future that is promising according to one parent. Due to the promise that Rocketship public schools provide for all types of kids, it was named Legacy Prep.

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