Samuel Strauch: Heading A Successful Real Estate Company in Miami

Samuel Strauch serves as the Principal at Matrix Real Estate and has been in the business for an extremely extended period of time. With his exceptional leadership skills and eye for a good business, Samuel Strauch has been able to take Metrik Real Estate forward as a company worthy of praise. Matrix Real Estate has grown since its humble beginnings and has now become an extremely well-known company in the field of real estate. Being in the field of real estate for as long as he has, Samuel Strauch has picked up a few things along the way which have helped him efficiently lead the company. Samuel Strauch particularly conducts his operations in and around Miami and has been part of numerous projects which have begun construction under his business name. He has handled projects in areas like Sunny Isles Beach and Hollywood in Miami and has been a huge success in selling properties there to numerous high profile clients.

Real estate is Miami is a fast growing sector with multiple people looking to invest in the field because of the large scope it provides. Miami is soon becoming the go-to place when it comes to investing into properties because of the numerous luxuries the city offers. People want to invest in properties which are of an extremely high value in a good surrounding area, making this the prime investment location for people like Samuel Strauch.

Samuel Strauch started out in the world of real estate with his smaller company Affinity Realty, which he then renamed to Metrik Real Estate. Samuel is an alumnus of the prestigious Harvard University, with a degree in business administration. Samuel Strauch is ranked as one of the top real estate agents in the Miami area and has received tremendous recognition from numerous agencies through the span of his career.

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