The Law and Todd Levine

Throughout career attorney Todd Levine has garnered a vast amount of experience and knowledge in law. He is an immensely busy attorney, but his spare time loves playing the guitar and keyboards, drawing, and studying math and science. As an attorney, he is known and highly respected throughout the industry for being able to solve difficult problems very easily. He earned this reputation in the first place after his opponent in court produced evidence that supposedly proved his case. After five minutes of perusing it, he was able to show that the document actually proved his own case.


Todd Levine is one of the founding partners of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine. He and these other seven people started it in 2009. Not long afterward they made the decision to make their firm a litigation-only boutique. It started with just 17 lawyers with that number growing to 2013. Todd Levine has much experience specializing in representing real estate brokers. Todd Levine has also had experience representing high profile individuals in a number of other companies. In 2016, he led a team in representing Orlando Lopez, the mayor of Sweetwater, in a legal dispute.


Todd Levine says the firm owes much of its success to the close-knit nature of the original founding partners. The partners are also committed to mentoring the younger crowd of lawyers so that they can take over when they pass off the scene. The goal of everyone is always getting more skills and knowledge to get better at representing their clients.