Vijay Eswaran Is Interested In Seeing More Women Leaders In Business

Vijay Eswaran has always been one to shakeup the status quo in the Asian job market, something that began when he founded his company, QI Group Ltd. Right now he’s part of various business leader coalitions advocating to see more diversity in entrepreneurship and corporate leadership. One group Eswaran is embracing is female executives, and at the World Economic Forum’s summit on cultural diversity, he spoke on the value of contributions made by female entrepreneurs in India. Eswaran has had a lot to say about diverse workforce makeup at various lectures he’s given.

Vijay Eswaran is both a business founder and author. He was raised in Malaysia though his family is Indian in background, and he traveled all the way to the UK where he got a degree in socioeconomics at the famous London School of Economics. Years after completing his bachelor’s degree, he started exploring the direct selling industry and began making money through it. Eswaran decided he should introduce it back in the Asian Pacific markets, and in 1998 the opportunity presented itself when he met up with a team of entrepreneurs. He began his own brand of health and wellness products and added to it. The parent company he launched became known as QI Group and the product line and independent representative program was brought through QNet.

Eswaran added to the QNet holdings by also establishing a luxury lifestyle package company, a business financing and investment firm known as QI Asset Management, and also one of Malaysia’s top schools QI University. As an author, his books have not been as much about business building as much as a look into his spiritual beliefs and practices, and how he feels they have guided him. One of his first popular books written was a 2005 top seller titled “In the Sphere Of Silence.” He also penned another more recent bestseller known as “Two Minutes From the Abyss.” Eswaran learned a lot about philanthropy and generosity from his father, and one charity that Eswaran started was named after him known as the Vijayratnam Foundation. The work Eswaran does through charity earned him a high honor in Forbes Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy.