Whitney Wolfe Brings Dating App Industry Something To Buzz About With Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is someone has become well respected in the business world. She is getting a lot of praise for a Bumble app and the vision that she has to create even more social media platforms for singles and business professionals.

Whitney Wolfe is even putting a unique spin on building friendships with her Bumble BFF app. There are so many things for the business world that Whitney Wolfe is capable of doing.

At one time she had her hands in building a nonprofit organization. There was another time where she put her energy into starting a clothing company. She has considered developing apps that were taking on the message of anti-bullying comma and there is still a possibility that she might tackle this issue. Right now she has her focus on the dating world with her Bumble app. This has been a very successful endeavor, and that is something that has caused Forbes magazine to recognize her as one of the top 30 under 30.

Whitney Wolfe has been a leader from the start. Ever since she co-founded the Tinder dating app she has been on the go and bringing forth lots of energy to the dating app industry. She has been complemented by lots of singles that were tired of seeing a new development of apps that would continue to monotony of dating apps in the same fashion as before.

Whitney Wolfe wanted to bring change to the industry, and she has done a wonderful job with this by putting forth some effort to show singles that her app is different. Whitney Wolfe is still under the age of 30, and she is well into her third company. She has made a lot of money, but money isn’t her focus. She is focused on social media dominance.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe: https://www.theatlantic.com/video/index/506036/whitney-wolfe-bumble/

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